Monday, March 7, 2016

Kinder Surprise

So I didn't think of asking Sister Turpin about Tyler Hill until after I emailed you last week but we did make the connection! I told her that Tyler babysat us once or twice. She thinks Tyler was awesome and an awesome Seminary teacher but I guess he is in the bishopric in her home ward now. And he became neighbors with her family right before she left on her mission. Small world right?? so awesome. 
But ya I got my flight info in the mail this week. that was weird. So I am going from St Louis to Detroit then Detroit to Minneapolis then Minneapolis to Calgary. That will be a very long day. Not really excited for that but excited to see you all! 
This week was a good week! We have been doing our best talking to everyone we see and we have a lot of good lessons set up this week! We have just been having a hard time finding legit people. It is so funny talking to random people. Me and Sister Turpin are making a quote wall in our apartment of all the weird things people say and funny inside jokes. Like when we read 3 Nephi 11 with an older lady who crazy believes in aliens said "where do you think he descended from? From his invisible spaceship. Jesus Christ is extra terrestrial. Doo Da doo doo! Doo da doo doo!" haha I don't even know anymore. 😶
And that is cool information sent me about Missouri. I don't really know of any cool book of Mormon history here but I can ask around. may make for some good dinner conversations.
Hope you all have another stellar week! 
Love Sister Fisher 
 PS Can you please send me Kinder Surprises for Easter?? They don't got them here in the USA and Sister Turpin wants to try them! And I love them too :) 

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