Monday, December 28, 2015


I want D&C 64:33 as my scripture that goes on the plaque at church. The on that says, "weary not in well doing for you are laying the foundation of a great work and out of small things proceedeth that which is great!" 
Thanks! Sorry for the multiple emails. my computer hates me today. I am about ready to punch the screen. 
Christmas was awesome! It was awesome to talk to all of you! We had a pretty chill day playing games and I also got to watch that new Cinderella movie! I loved it! You all know how much I love my Disney princesses!
A cool thing that happened right before christmas is we found this family late in the evening during that awkward 8 o clock hour and they were very nice and we talked to them for a bit and they seemed very interested. A couple days later it was the eve of the eve of the eve of christmas eve the lady calls us and asked if our church donates toys to families in need. her family was struggling this christmas so we said that we could what we could do. We talked to the relief society president and asked her to send out and email to the families asking for unwanted toys that we could give to this family. we were able to round up some toys and give it to them. It was cool to help them out and give there kids a good christmas. We are going to try and pick them up as investigators. 
We have a lot of awesome people who could potentially become investigators. I am excited to see what the new year brings! 
Love you all! Happy new year!
Love Britt

Monday, December 21, 2015

I love Christmas

Hello again! 
I love Christmas! this week has been great with so much Christmas cheer! 
On Thursday we had a lesson with Raji and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. It is cool teaching Raji because we have to teach her a lot more simply because of a little bit of a language barrier and of her different culture. She is from India but she still has a Christian belief. We invited her to be baptized and she wants to but she doesn't know if her husband will let her. She had an arranged marriage and she said that in her culture that it is very important to be completely obedient to her husband. We invited her to pray about it and to talk to her husband about it as well. It is just interesting.
On Friday we met this guy named Shay. I just love people who have genuine questions and who aren't talking to you to contend. Well Shay was really cool and was like that so I was talking to him and then my companion started coughing a lot and couldn't stop so Shay was like would you like me to pray for you? She was like sure and then he put his hand on her shoulder and started praying for her. I just stood there and bowed my head kinda smiling because it was kinda funny. When he finished his prayer I looked up and my companion was crying and I was like what the? We were teasing her and told her that she was over come with the spirit but it was because she was coughing so much. After that prayer she stopped coughing so that was really cool! Haha that power of prayer! We gave him our card and a book of Mormon and we will follow up in a week or so.. 
We came to another lady's door and she was like, "No thank you, I believe in Jesus Christ so I think we have some big belief differences there." And I was like, "No, We are Christians, we definitely belief in Jesus Christ." She thought that we believed that Christ had not come yet so I told her that she may be confusing us with Jewish beliefs and then we were able to share A Savior is Born initiative with her. I told my companion that if she was the only reason we came to this street then I am glad we cleared up that misconception. There was an Elder in our District who was talking about how he heard a statistic of how it takes like an average 6 or 8 contacts to the church before someone joins or something like that. So to not get discouraged if someone doesn't except your message right then because you may have been one of those contacts that they needed to come closer to joining the church. I thought that was really cool.
We also found a new investigator. I guess she has met with the sisters before. She loved meeting with them and she said that they helped her through a lot of hard things. The teaching record says that they lost contact with her and she wasn't keeping appointments. But she is really cool. We are going to go over again on Tuesday and she is going to make us hot chocolate :)
We taught Duane again but the girl who was going to come with us last minute cancelled so we asked our recent convert if we could have the lesson at her house and she let us. It was interesting because they are both black so they had this connection. It is weird because Duane is very knowledgeable and he is very enthusiastic about the bible but he will not come to church or read the Book of Mormon. When ever I invite him to church he always says that church is a hospital. I guess he doesn't feel like he needs church. I don't know how I can get in his head that church needs strong people too. He needs it he just doesn't realize it. 
We were talking in the past Ward councils of how the bishop feels like our recent convert Jamie and Ashley are slowly falling away and we were unsure if they would come to church this week but they came! Jamie told us that the only reason she was at church is because she wanted to see if Duane would come. I was goofing with Jamie and said "I know! what can we do to get him here??" It is cool to see missionary work help strengthen these guys testimonies. Jamie has a powerful testimony of the book of mormon. She was able to share that with Duane. We were coming up with plans to get Duane to church. :) 
Anyways I am so excited today because I am going to a Reindeer Farm that is in action around the Christmas season with the Rantoul Sisters! I am so stoked!! 
And that is interesting. I thought I was going home on the 4th of April because transfers is on the 6th. Are you sure? If I went home on the 19th I would almost serve for 19 months. But I guess it doesn't really matter. I would be okay with that :) 
So far I have got a package from Grandma and Grandpa Baker. But mail comes on Sunday and mail has not come yet today so I will be sure to get some soon.
Christmas day I am having breakfast with president McNab and our district in Champaign at 8:30 am. And then we are going to Mahomet to the Bundy's home to Skype at there home.They have lots of computers and they are good for us skyping at any time we want. My companion wants to skype sometime between 11 and 12. So 10 or 11 your time. I don't know if that would interrupt your brunch. I could maybe give you guys a call before hand like I have done in the past and see what works for you guys so expect a call.
I miss you guys! I am glad to here all your many crazy adventures! Love you and talk to you soon. 
Love Sister Fisher

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas is amazing

I am a happy missionary this week! Christmas and everything is amazing!! I am having fun getting to know more and more people in the ward.
I am loving the people we are teaching too! We are teaching this cool guy named Duane. We are trying to get him to read the book of mormon but he won't. he says he will read it when we read it with him but he wont on his own time. Hopefully his heart will change and he will have a desire to read the book of mormon. one thing I have learned on my mission is that the book of mormon is our most powerful tool in conversion. We showed him the christmas video a Savior is Born and he loved it. We have been showing a lot of people that video. I have seen it a billion times. I am pretty sure I can quote the whole thing. But it is so good. I love it. 
We had zone conference this week and it was really good. I love our mission president and his wife! Sister Morgan is amazing! She talked about the difference between Surviving in the mission and Thriving in the mission. She invited each of us to consider what we can do thrive in our mission. I love that! I want to thrive! A mission is so short and I don't want to waste it by just surviving. 
She also invited to make this the best christmas that someone else has ever had. Me and my companion decided that we wanted to 12 days of christmas with our recent converts they are not going to be near any family this christmas and they aren't going to be doing anything to celebrate so we thought we would make there christmas special :) They are a mom and a daughter and the daughter has some mental problems but they are both so sweet!  We started yesterday and the last day will be christmas eve! We first left a picture of Jesus that they could put in there house bringing in the true meaning of christmas and a nice note letting them know what's up! It was so fun to knock on there door and run away! We got some more great ideas ahead! I am excited! :)  
We also had a ward christmas party and a christmas concert this week. So much talent in this stake it is crazy. 
Also I got a wonderful email today! Michael (My investigator in Fulton who we did the stop smoking work shop with) Got baptized in Saturday!!! :) Oh boy that guy is awesome!! And look at my baby girl! she is growing up so fast! 😜

Also that is me and Barb. She is the returning less active that told me she wasn't going to church anymore. She is such a goof. She was so excited to see me. She has been going through a lot. A lot of dark stuff from her past has been haunting her and she didn't feel any love or support from the branch. She is doing better though. She told me that she knows that not going to church is not going to help her. She will be alright. The branch has been reaching out to her more. Sister Morgan challenged the missionaries to read the book of mormon in 100 days and invited us to give some one else the same invitation. So I gave Barb that challenge. So many challenges I know! haha In 100 days it will be general conference! :) So I am excited to do this challenge with her and read the book of mormon. I love the book of mormon!!! It seriously changes lives. It did Michael's. He progressed so quickly when he started reading the book of mormon. 
Thanks for the quotes! You would be surprized on how much I actually use the quotes you give me. The pictures of Baxter is so cute 
And thank you for the love. This truly is a gospel of love. And that love never runs out. All that people want is to feel loved and be loved. 
Sister Fisher 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Transfer Time

What a week it has been! Saying good bye to everyone in Fulton was bitter sweet. But I am so excited to be here in the Mahomet Ward!! We were busy busy from Monday till Wednesday morning, packing and saying good bye. 
Tuesday a member in the Fulton Ward gave me a going away present. Pigs Feet. It was so nasty but I had to try it. I have been telling them that I wanted to try it for a long time and they finally found me some. SO nasty. Will never eat that again. I also just got word from my trainee that Michael hasn't drank coffee all week and is still good to be baptized on the 12th!! I am so happy for him! I guess they celebrated with doughnuts haha 
My new companion is Sister Grover from Phoenix Arizona and she has been out for about 3 months. She just finish being trained so I am follow up training her. She has two older sisters who are married. and a younger brother. She is the first to serve a mission. She is pretty awesome! we are getting along just fine! :) We are sharing the Mahomet Ward with the Zone leaders and we don't have a lot of less actives in our area! I think this is my first area where we don't have over a hundred less actives. Probably because Elder Bednar visits this ward so often haha jk But there is a lot more tracting and finding in this area and less focus on less actives which is awesome! I felt like my last area we focused on less actives a lot. Also that lady I told you about that said she wasn't going to church anymore called me the first day I got here. It was so good to talk to her again! We are going to have lunch with her this Friday. She told me "Sister Fisher promise me you won't get mad at me!" haha I told her too late! It will be good to see her again :) 
My first Sunday in Mahomet was stake conference! Which was awesome because I got to see a lot of people from the Rantoul Branch!! Lots of hugs were given and I was glad people still remembered me :) It was a very good conference. I love the stake presidency here. We already have our day planned out for Christmas too! President McNab (First Counselor in the stake presidency) Is having our district come to his house for breakfast! Apparently he can speak Elvin from lord of the rings so I really want him to speak it for me. and then we are going to another members house to skype. I don't know what time yet though. probably around noon but I will keep you posted. 

My new address is:
2503 W Springfield Apt G6 
Champaign IL 61821

The weather in Illinois is quite different from Missouri. It is more north so it is colder and it has been VERY foggy out lately. Someone in the Rantoul Branch told me that my hair looks less tight than it did in the summer. so I guess less humidity in the winter haha No snow yet. Just lots of rain and fog. They don't get a lot of snow here until January or feburary. 
We are teaching a lot of cool people here too. A lot like Rantoul. A lot of Black people. Missouri has the red necks where no one has teeth, Illinois has all the black people and swag. I can freshen up on my ebonics!
But We are teaching an Indian lady named Raji and apparently she just showed up to our church building one day and wanted to learn more. She is super cute and super solid. Her Husband isn't into it though so that could be holding her back from being baptized. She came to stake conference and was playing on here phone a lot so I thought she was bored and wasn't paying attention but then I realized she was recording the talks! After stake conference she said that she really liked it :) 
I haven't been able to meet the ward very well yet but I love them already! The ward mission leader is awesome! We got to watch the Christmas Devotional at his house with popcorn and blankets. Made me think of our sunday movie nights and popcorn :) 
I love serving in the city again and having everything so close! We just cover the edge of champaign and other small towns too.
I am excited. It is going to be a good Christmas! The best time to be a missionary is at Christmas! People like to talk about Jesus this time of year :) 
Love you all! 
Sister Fisher 


This week was fun! The members of this ward are fantastic. We helped Brother Richabaugh and his family prepare for Thanksgiving on Monday and then he taught us some sign language! He taught us D&C 4 so I am trying to practice it. 
Thanksgiving was also this week! We played football all day long! I hope you got that video of me and my comp, Brother Papa, Brother Brake and Brother Schmauch doing the one bite dohnut challenge! I know you were unset that I didn't do the taco challenge so I figured I should do this one haha :) We then had two turkey dinners that day. one right after the other. And then played more foot ball. PS I caught the ball. more than once. I hope you are all proud of me.
The next day we were all so sore! Haha you could tell what companionships at district meeting played because everyone was so stiff! 
Saturday we got transfer calls and I am finally leaving Fulton. I will now be living in Champaign IL serving in the Mahomet Ward (Right next door to Rantoul) follow up training Sister Grover. She is from Arizona. I also know that Elder David A. Bednar's son lives in the Mahomet Ward. (He is in the Champaign stake presidency) Maybe Elder Bednar will visit for Christmas??? How cool would that be?!
I have to tell you this because it is crazy. I still keep in contact with a lady who lives in Rantoul and she is a returning less active member. Just last week she emailed me and told me that she decided that she wasn't going to church anymore. She told me she didn't want me to worry about it but I was bummed. But then I got the transfer call that I was going to Mahomet and I was like... nuh uh.. I KNOW WHERE THAT IS!! She works in Champaign so we are totally gonna meet up for lunch! Hopefully I can rekindle the fire she felt when she first moved to Rantoul. I just don't even know. I can't wait to see her again. 
Sunday was awesome too. Michael came to church again which was awesome. He still isn't smoking!! He just needs to quit drinking coffee! But One of the kids in the ward was getting baptized on sunday so we invited him to that and he came! He watched that baptism and the spirit was so strong! He really liked it! I can't wait till I see pictures of him being baptized on Dec.12th. But I guess you could say I ended my time in Fulton with a baptism :) It was just as good.
I love you all. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I know that happiness is found when we align our will with God's. That's when we become converted. I hope I can become more and more converted each day! I am grateful for the things the Lord has taught me in the Fulton area. Sorry If i sounded like I was annoyed or frustrated in the emails. It is because I was. God had to teach me a lot and give me experience. I am so grateful! 
I have also been loving the D&C count down! I am glad you guys are doing it with me :)
Hope you all have a great week! 
Sister Fisher