Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter

Hola Familia!
We have had a rockin #Hallelujah week! The Lord is blessing us and we are still going strong! 
To start off the week... Me and Sister Turpin got matching dresses! Comp unity! Super comfy, super cute. that is how I like it!

Then we had EXCHANGE MIRACLES this week! #Hallelujah!! 
On Tuesday Sister Oldroyd came with me in O'Fallon. We had a long busy day with appointments. We are teaching a 10 year old girl named Piper! Her grandparents baptized a little over a year ago and I love them! She came to church yesterday in bunny ears 👯So we had a great lesson with them! But we also were out and about Tuesday evening And we didn't really have time to go see anyone. We were at an apartment complex so we decided that we would knock on a few doors for the last few minutes of the night. The first door we knocked on was Kim. She was in her pjs and looked a little confused as to why we were at her door but we told  her who we were and that we shared messages of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of His gospel. She was like, "Oh okay... do you want to step in for a minute?" Yussss
So we were talking to her for a bit and she grew up baptist but she has been looking for a church where she can feel comfortable and accepted because she has a little chihuahua service dog. She has epilepsy so the dog can sense when she is about to have a seizure. The dog's name is Caesar! haha But anyways when we were talking to her and she really believes in personal revelation and she said that she had been touched by the spirit and she straight up told me that she felt the spirit when I was talking.... That is cool. We asked her if she was going anywhere for Easter Sunday and invited her to come to church. She came!! I hope she liked it. We had a pretty good Easter program and she stayed for the second hour but didn't stay for relief society. 
While Sister Turpin stayed in O'Fallon they were able to pick up a really cute girl we have been trying to see for a while and her mom was finally home!! Sister Turpin said that they were super cute and really interested and so I will see them this week 😊
And then on Friday we met this family of girls that we have been trying to pick up for a while. we have only met the daughters but the mom was finally home when we stopped by and she told us, "Sorry girls don't mean to be rude but our beliefs are just too different. We believe Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior." And I was like, "Awesome! So do we!" and she was like, "Really? okay you can come in. But if you do say something that is not right I won't be afraid to say something." Haha We talked about why we celebrate Easter and that Jesus Christ is resurrected and stuff and it was a nice conversation. It is kinda cool how similar our beliefs are with a lot of religions. They are Baptist. We wanted to share with them the #Hallelujah video but they didn't have internet... so wish we had ipads. But we are going back to see them again! We left the mom the restoration pamphlet and she was glued to that pamphlet when we left. She really liked it. That is why I love this Hallelujah video so much because any christian can feel the spirit and agree with the message! It is a message for the whole world! peace and love.
Saturday we met a less active family that I have never met before and watched the Hallelujah video with them and invited them to church and they came!! They were super nice! Just a super busy schedule. 
And so much other good sprinkled through out the week. Like getting that Easter package! thank you thank you! Also I bought a suitcase last pday. I think I collected a few things through out the mish. It was only like 30 bucks so hopefully you are not mad at me.
Hmmm I wonder what ward Brother Peterson went to. You will have to let me know because maybe I went there on exchanges! 
The youth here spoiled it for me and told me that superman dies. I thought that was ridiculous but I don't know. that is what they were saying. I will have to see when I get home!
Also know one knows what perogies are down here. they don't got them so I will have to eat some of that when I get home.
It always makes me so excited when I hear about your missionary work Dad! It is always kinda weird to hear people I actually know potentially learning more about the gospel. Keep up the good work! #Hallelujah!! 
I wonder how many times I have said Hallelujah in this email. I say Hallelujah like ten times a day now... anyways
Love you all! And no it hasn't hit me yet that I am going home... in 2 weeks.... I am way too busy to think about home too much. Reading everyone's emails today was kinda weird though because too many people are mentioning it!!
I will talk to you all next week! 
Lots of Love!
Sister Fisher
 #Hallelujah!! 🙆
Me and Sister Kikkert (Salt Lake City)

​Sister Day (Utah), Sister Oldroyd (Utah), me and Sister Turpin! Matchy matchy!!

Monday, March 21, 2016


Life is good here in the land of Missouri. I have not got the Easter package yet but we hope to get it sometime this week. Let me just start off by saying... #Hallelujah!! I am pretty sure I have got that video memorized now because we have been sharing it with literally every one we can! In there homes, on there door step, it don't matter. as long as they got some sort of mobile device... we will show it to them! 
We actually found this guy named Sebastian, knocking on doors and started talking to him about Jesus. We asked him if he had a smart phone and if we could share the Hallelujah video with him. He looked it up and we watched it and after we watch the video he told us, "Ya know, if you would have came a month ago I would have told you guys to go away but I just recently started believing in God again. Thank you." So cool. We hope to see him again this week. 
This week our district leader challenged us to a talking to everyone challenge and skittles were on the line. You know me. I love my skittles so we beat them. Now they owe us skittles.
We went on exchanges this week as well. 
I can't remember if I said this in my last email but our ward boundaries just changed and so we lost a few families in our ward... including our Ward mission leader... So we have been going solo for a while haha We just got to be patient until the bishop calls a new one. It is good that the Ward boundaries changed! They formed a new ward! That means missionary work is progressing! 
Anyways! Love you all! Glad to hear from you every week. Only got two more pdays after this so make sure the emails are good! 😰
Love Britt

Making Crepes! Yum Yum!
Gotta represent Canada. Thanks to Grandma Fisher for the apron.
 Pday at the Mission home!!! I ❤ Sister Morgan!

President Morgan said he didn't want to do a silly face because he didn't want to us to blackmail him haha 

Monday, March 14, 2016

New favorite place

Hello Family! 
That is quite the news this week! I thought I would be speaking the Sunday I would get home from my mission. I am kinda glad I have time to ponder my mission as well as adjust to my life at home until May 8th. I am also kinda sad that I miss my auntie dawns wedding! But I am excited that they are finally getting married :)
Well we finished all our zone conferences this week. we definitely feel like we did better on our training the second time. We had a lot of missionaries saying that this was there favorite zone conference yet! Although a lot of the missionaries are very green but still! It was cool to help motivate the missionaries in the mission and teach repentance. We have been crazy studying and talking about repentance and I think I am starting to understand what it means to repent and I am loving the simple principle of repentance. Repentance is good and positive and is not optional for our salvation. It is also needed daily. 
I have also been think a lot of how wonderful the missionary program is and how beautifully it prepares us to be true disciples of Jesus Christ and prepares us to be leaders. Since this is my last transfer I have been doing this "My Plan" course once a week that helps me set goals and lay a foundation to prepare me for when I come home. I have been really enjoying  it. Some of the topics have been about having a vision/one year goal, using my patriarchal blessing as a guide, spiritual goals, relationship goals, service in the church goal, educational goals, Goals, goals, goals,....
The last myplan training I did was called Continuing Discipleship. It mostly talked about how I can still have the spirit with me at home as strong as I have had it on my mission and can still have opportunities to serve. Prayer, Scripture study, Sabbath day observance, temple attendance, institute, technology safety, blah blah blah so many things that can play a part in helping me have a successful return home and to have the RM blues. But I think I am realizing how much of a plan I do not have! So I am glad I am doing this and taking time each week to think about it. 
We had a good week though. We set a baptism date for Patrick and Priscilla. He wants to get baptized so bad. He knows it's true it is just so sad that he has addictions that are keeping him bound. That is why I am really loving this study of repentance. It is really repentance that frees us from sin. True sincere repentance. I know Patrick can do it because Jesus Christ is on his side! 
Also did ya'll see the new Easter video?? #Hallelujah check it out and share. I love sharing these initiatives! This is the best time to be a missionary and to see the gospel being shared all over the world through media! In so many different languages!! This is a fulfillment of prophecy!!! D&C 90:11
Anyways have a fantastic week! make good choices! 
Love britt 
​We had dinner at this place called Tom+Chee. that is short for tomato and cheese. It is a place that sells amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. This is a doughnut grilled cheese sandwich. So good! New favorite place.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Kinder Surprise

So I didn't think of asking Sister Turpin about Tyler Hill until after I emailed you last week but we did make the connection! I told her that Tyler babysat us once or twice. She thinks Tyler was awesome and an awesome Seminary teacher but I guess he is in the bishopric in her home ward now. And he became neighbors with her family right before she left on her mission. Small world right?? so awesome. 
But ya I got my flight info in the mail this week. that was weird. So I am going from St Louis to Detroit then Detroit to Minneapolis then Minneapolis to Calgary. That will be a very long day. Not really excited for that but excited to see you all! 
This week was a good week! We have been doing our best talking to everyone we see and we have a lot of good lessons set up this week! We have just been having a hard time finding legit people. It is so funny talking to random people. Me and Sister Turpin are making a quote wall in our apartment of all the weird things people say and funny inside jokes. Like when we read 3 Nephi 11 with an older lady who crazy believes in aliens said "where do you think he descended from? From his invisible spaceship. Jesus Christ is extra terrestrial. Doo Da doo doo! Doo da doo doo!" haha I don't even know anymore. 😶
And that is cool information sent me about Missouri. I don't really know of any cool book of Mormon history here but I can ask around. may make for some good dinner conversations.
Hope you all have another stellar week! 
Love Sister Fisher 
 PS Can you please send me Kinder Surprises for Easter?? They don't got them here in the USA and Sister Turpin wants to try them! And I love them too :)