Monday, March 21, 2016


Life is good here in the land of Missouri. I have not got the Easter package yet but we hope to get it sometime this week. Let me just start off by saying... #Hallelujah!! I am pretty sure I have got that video memorized now because we have been sharing it with literally every one we can! In there homes, on there door step, it don't matter. as long as they got some sort of mobile device... we will show it to them! 
We actually found this guy named Sebastian, knocking on doors and started talking to him about Jesus. We asked him if he had a smart phone and if we could share the Hallelujah video with him. He looked it up and we watched it and after we watch the video he told us, "Ya know, if you would have came a month ago I would have told you guys to go away but I just recently started believing in God again. Thank you." So cool. We hope to see him again this week. 
This week our district leader challenged us to a talking to everyone challenge and skittles were on the line. You know me. I love my skittles so we beat them. Now they owe us skittles.
We went on exchanges this week as well. 
I can't remember if I said this in my last email but our ward boundaries just changed and so we lost a few families in our ward... including our Ward mission leader... So we have been going solo for a while haha We just got to be patient until the bishop calls a new one. It is good that the Ward boundaries changed! They formed a new ward! That means missionary work is progressing! 
Anyways! Love you all! Glad to hear from you every week. Only got two more pdays after this so make sure the emails are good! 😰
Love Britt

Making Crepes! Yum Yum!
Gotta represent Canada. Thanks to Grandma Fisher for the apron.
 Pday at the Mission home!!! I ❤ Sister Morgan!

President Morgan said he didn't want to do a silly face because he didn't want to us to blackmail him haha 

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