Monday, April 27, 2015

Storm Season

This week was really good. We had exchanges and were really blessed with lots of lessons with people. Ryan's baptism is this weekend so we have been busy getting ready for that. he is doing great and just absorbing the info that we give him.
I stayed in Rantoul for exchanges and we found three new investigators! We were walking down the street and found this crazy black guy and his girlfriend. He was so funny and fun to talk to. We had our first lesson with him and we tried to teach the restoration but he talked a lot and had really crazy views of the bible and God. He tried to act like he knew the bible well but he was so off! haha He was messing up the stories and making things up! Anyways. A story for another time. Hopefully we can clear things up for him and get him more open minded.
And then we found a young mother who's first language is Spanish. she was so sweet. we taught her the plan of salvation and the next time we teach her we are going to bring a member with us who speaks Spanish! I am so excited!
We have been working a lot recently with Less active and we had a wonderful surprise on Sunday! A young mother and her two boys who are less active came to church! I was so happy to see them! Hopefully they will come more.
Also! Things that are coming up is this Saturday we will be having a mission conference and Elder Quinton L Cook will talk to the mission and also Elder Ulisses Soares from the Presidency of the quorum of the 70 and Elder Gary E Smithson who is in the presiding Bishopbric! So I am excited to hear from them :)
We are not becoming a I Pad mission though :( Not yet at least....
The Pictures are of Tyren who is one of our investigators little boys. He wanted to be a missionary and wear my tag haha 
and Me and my comp soaking wet from the rain! It is definitely storm season here.

Monday, April 20, 2015


I unfortunately don't have a lot of time today but I am doing great! This week was good and I feel like I am learning lots this week. 
I love you guys! Have a great week! And thank you so much for the spiritual insights from stake conference! 
Love you

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A New Friend

This week was pretty good. We were busy and we had lots of tender mercies and funny moments haha.
We had a lesson with and investigator named Betsy. This is and old lady who I mentioned in my last email about the Plan of Salvation lesson. This was the second time that we have seen her. We got talking and I told her that during our church service, members of the church are asked to give talks instead of having a paid preacher. and she says, "Oh like the mormon church." I said with a big smile, "Ya that's us! We are Mormons!" And the look she gave me was priceless haha I just started laughing and was like, "Betsy! We are from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints!! That is the Mormon church!" It was so funny. I think she has a bad memory or something. I love her though.
I also taught someone who had no idea what a mormon was! They are still out there!! Hopefully we can teach them more.
Also an investigator we have we used to just teach her and her family little spiritual thoughts from the bible because she didn't want to take the lessons but last Monday we asked her if she would take the lessons and she said yes! We will teach her the restoration tonight and we want to invite her to baptism and I hope she says yes soooooo baaaaaaad!!! so that was a little miracle.
And then we were in Fisher trying to contact some people labeled as "less active" and we would tract around there houses. It was 8pm, that last awkward hour of the day but some people also like to call it the miracle hour. Anyways we knock on this one house and this lady answers the door she probably in her 30s and she has kind of a serious look on her face and said, "yes?" We did our little sch-peel and said that we shared messages centered on Jesus Christ. I asked her is she was very religious herself, and she said another solid, "Yes." And I was like, "Okay cool can we share our card with you?" Not thinking that she was that interested to hear about what we had to say. and she was like, "Ya hold on one second" She goes upstairs and get her three girls and brings them
down and invites us in to share our message with them. I was thinking whaaat!! okay Sweet!! They were actually a really cool family! And her girls love God! It was crazy. 
Another day we were contacting more less actives because there are soooo many in this Branch. And the lady answers the door and she seems pretty nice we are talking to her a little bit and we try to set up another time to see her and she is like, "I don't plan on coming back so I will just be a waste of your time." And I said, "Well we could just come and be your friend!" And she said, "Well we can all use a friend. You can come back next Saturday." And in my mind I was like whoa I did not think that would work haha! So ya we made a new friend the other day! haha 
Anyways, those were the highlights. I am reminded every day of how much I love being a missionary! And how beautiful the "music" the gospel gives! And I am an instrument in God's hands, sharing the music with anyone who is willing to hear. 
I hope you all have a friend! Or at least a friend in Jesus! Get yo praise on! 
Have a great week! 
Sister Fisher
Me and my Comp

What Illinois looks like 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring cleaning

Sister Limb is our Housing coordinator and she sent out a message to all the missionaries about spring cleaning and she changed the words to D&C 4:3. I thought mom would find this funny. It says, 
"For behold, the apartment is dirty all ready to clean and lo he that thrusteth his vacuum and mop with his might the same cleaneth up the place that it stinketh not, but bringeth gladness to his soul!" #Springcleaning
haha I love this mission. Our leaders are awesome! :)
Also The black boxes I was also talking about last week, well we got them and they are actually called Tiwi boxes (A lot less intimidating then black boxes haha) But they talk to you if you are speeding, driving aggressively, or if you are not wearing a seat belt. You log in with a card and then whenever you drive carelessly it informs the mission office.They are pretty cool and I think it is a good idea to help the missionaries in this mission to drive more carefully and will save the church a lot of money. 

Looks like you guys are having a blast! Ya my last Companion from Vegas has told me of some interesting things that are on the strip. I am sure you had quite the show. 
I had a pretty good week. Feeling a little stressed though. Just with expectations as a missionary and prioritizing things and deciding what to do with people. Faith wants to hold off getting baptized. She is doubting about Joseph Smith and modern prophets. The prophet didn't speak at the sessions she went to so that was kinda disappointing. I feel worried for Pres. Monson. He only spoke once at conference which I thought was kind of weird. I hope he is not sick. Everyone is looking really old in the quorum of the 12. It is sad.
But I really enjoyed conference. Like Elder Fisher said, it was a very comforting conference. Especially for a missionary. My favorite talk was by Michael T. Ringwood from the quorum of the 70. I like how he talked about his Book of Mormon hero, Shiblon. And being truly good and without guile. Saturday sessions was just really good. 
We picked up a 2 new investigators this week. One is the 9 year old boy I was talking about. His mom is a less active and his day is a some what recent convert. He will be really fun to teach and we hope to get him baptized on May 2nd. Hopefully with us teaching there some we can get him more active. 
Also we picked up an old lady who was scarred from her passed religious experiences. She doesn't understand faith and she likes things proven to her. It will probably take some time with her. But our first lesson we had with her we taught the plan of salvation. It was a sad but kind of cool and spiritual lesson. She had lost her son and her mother around the same time. With tears in her eyes she told us that she just believes that her son is a bunch of bones in the ground. As we explained the plan of salvation to her, it felt so good to testify to her that she would see her son again, ressurected with a perfect body. She seemed comforted by Gods plan and told us it made sense. I don't know if it meant anything to her but It made me think of how grateful I am for the understanding that I have for Gods plan. I don't have tears of sorrow in believing that I will just be a bunch of bones in the ground but I have tears of joy in knowing that I will live again with my family forever in happiness. It is so sad and frustrating when people don't except our messages. I always think, "If only they knew!!! If only they knew how much happiness and peace this could give them." 
Anyways stay safe! Have fun! Lots of Love!
Sister Fisher