Monday, October 26, 2015

Piano Guys

This email may be short and not very interesting but the piano guys did a face to face on and I had to watch it! It was so good. I miss watching them on youtube. But I really enjoyed what they had to say. The weeks have been long and hard and I really appreciated what the one guy had to say about letting virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly. It is hard to have virtuous thoughts when people are rude to you or when the days are long or when things just don't work out. But when we have charitable and virtuous thoughts towards all men, then we can be confident in the presence of God. We can feel the Holy Ghost as our constant companion.
The Piano Guys are so inspired with there music and they are just a great example. I think I am going to ponderize that scripture this week :) 
I did get the package with the toonie last monday after I emailed :) thank you very much I love skittles so much! 
I look forward to getting the Salmon Jerky! 
And yes you did tell me about Justin. I have been talking about him with everyone! I am so proud of him! He is such a good example!
Love you guys! Have a great week! 
Sister Fisher

Monday, October 19, 2015


So This week was way cooler than last week. On monday we had dinner with the Harts and they gave me a pumpkin pie to celebrate the canadian thanksgiving :) I love them! 
We did a presentation at the Westminster College with Our Ward Mission Leader on the 13 Articles of Faith and it was actually really fun! There was a good amount of people that came and participated! majority were not members of the church and then there were a few members and even less active members that came! Tomorrow we are going to set up a booth and had out stuff at the college. I am so excited! 
We also picked up a new investigator named Christy! We have been trying to meet with her for a while but she has a lot of health issues and kept cancelling on us. we decided to stop by one night and she was talking about all the medical stuff she had to go through and i wanted to ask her if she wanted a priesthood blessing but I was kinda worried how she would take it because I have never offered a priesthood blessing so someone who wasn't an investigator before but I asked her anyways and she said well it couldn't hurt! We came by the next night with a priesthood holder and she got a blessing and it went well! Her 10 year old son was even there and was asking questions about church and was asking his mom if they could go :) 
We also went to a juicing party! I want a juicer when I get home! I love freshly juice fruits! We tried all sorts of things and it was really fun! 
Brother Hart told us to try a less active named michael because he was not responding to his text messages anymore. He decided to stop by his house that day and we found out that he does not have a cell phone anymore so that is why he was not responding to Brother Hart. We also found out that he lost his job so he is more available to come back to church so we need to help him with that and he also has a fiance that is interested in taking the missionary discussions!! He says that he has been trying to explain the church to her a lot and was wondering if we could teach her. Um yes please. We told brother Hart the update and he sent us this haha

​Haha he is so funny. 
Also one night we were looking for a less active that bishop sent us on the hunt for and we came to the house and found out that they moved to florida. But that a different less active lived there! It was kind of awkward because they were having some sort of party with alcohol but I think we made him feel guilty because he was telling us how he grew up mormon and was talking a lot about his brother who is serving a mission right now. He was cool. You could really tell that his family had a positive influence on him and was setting a good example.
We got transfer calls and I am staying another transfer to finish training Sister White :) SO I am SUPER happy :) This ward rocks.
Well I hope you all have a good week! thank you for the love! 

LOVE Sister Fisher

Ps We set up our Christmas tree in our room!! :) But don't worry. It has Halloween decorations on it right now! 

Monday, October 12, 2015


Hello again! 
I has been a super rough couple of weeks and it has been hard to stay positive but we are hanging in there. Devon did not get baptized. He was chickening out right before his interview so we had to cancel and then just today he told us that he prayed about it and through a voice God told him that this wasn't the true church and advised us to pray and seek for a different church. Our ward mission leader told us if he tries to talk to us again to let him know and he will take care of it because of his hot and cold personality. One day he is excited and wants to get baptized and then the next he hates the church and hates us. It is weird. I think he is bi-polar
Been feeling a lot of rejection lately but I still really like this area. The members are super sweet and make me happy so I am grateful for that. 
Monday was really cool! The sisters in our zone went to Columbia MO and went hiking and went to some caves called the Devil's icebox. It was really cool...literally. I think that is why they call it the devil's icebox because it is cooler down there. I took some pictures but I forgot my camera today so I will send you pictures next time. 
Then we went to see a less active that I have never met before and she was really welcoming and she told us she was really glad that we came by. she said that missionaries always know when to stop by because she was having a really hard day at work and she was just grateful that we came. we are going to have family home evening with her and her family today. Aaaaaand her husband isn't a member.... so she was a blessing. 
We watched meet the mormons on friday evening and two of our investigators came :) Phillip came and he is the guy who says peace love and no bugs a lot. He also is a paraplegic. He really liked the movie and it actually brought him to tears. The dad at the end of the movie has one leg so he was really touch by that.
We went tracting on a street called tucker ln and it made me think of Kaitlyn and Tucker!! We found some really funny cool people on that street so hopefully something cool will come from it! :) 
I am excited for this next week...we have a lot more adventures ahead!
Always count your blessings :) Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! 
Sister Fisher 


Monday, October 5, 2015


I had a really bad cold this week that I am getting over. The weather has been perfect here though. not too hot not too cold. I would say the best time of year in Missouri is in the fall. I love when the trees change and the nice cool afternoons! And Halloween decorations are starting to go up! So exciting :)
This week was pretty good. Nothing too exciting happened. Except conference of course :) 
I am excited for this week though! Devon is going to get baptized, We are going to have a Mormon movie night and watch meet the Mormons and going to pick up a bunch of new investigators! 
We watched the Sunday session at bishops house and had dinner at his house. We talked a lot about part member families in our ward so we will have a lot of work to do this week with the names he gave us. 
Non of our investigators came to conference but we got to watch some of conference at a less actives house! So that was good :) 
Moses didn't want to meet with us this week :( He said he is not ready and needs to study it out more. He is having a really hard time believing Joseph Smith is a prophet. We tried to tell him that he will come to understand over time and he can understand more as he meets with us but hopefully we can meet with him this week. We just stressed reading and praying about the book of Mormon that he can gain a testimony of Joseph smith. 
A lot of people have been hating on Joseph smith and prophets recently. That we glorify him too much.To the point to where they start preaching to us and saying that men are evil selfish and prideful and they tell us to get to know God and you don't need anyone else. It's annoying. Conference was really needed this week. I listened to these men and I didn't see selfishness. I liked Elder Christofferson talk. Seriously I hear that stuff on the daily! He hit it on the nose. 
I liked Elder Bednar's talk too. That was so sweet. God gives us these exemplary men because he loves us. They do not replace God or Jesus Christ at all. I do not worship them but look up to them because I know they are here to help us. It is hard to imagine my life without this church. I know that it is true. I love this church.
I hope you guys all have a great week! 
Love you all!
Sister Fisher
Hope you like the picture :) Please no making fun of the toes.
"How beautiful the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace."