Monday, February 1, 2016


Hello Family! 
All is well in St. Louis! 
We got Swans in the pond near our home! 
​I am sorry I am struggling what to write. haha We had a good week. We had exchanges and were able to see a lot of people. 
Something I learned this week comes from Sunday school class about faith. How faith is more than believing and not a perfect knowledge of things. Sometimes we are in different stages in our spiritual journey. Let me show you this here: 
Desire => Hope => Believe => Faith => Knowledge
There is never a final destination in this life in our spiritual journey. A testimony is something we always need to maintain or nourish. Sometimes we may just have a desire to believe and other times our faith is burning bright. But it is a constant cycle of exercising faith that helps us become more like our Heavenly Father, when we will come to know all things. Sometimes I forget that it is okay not to know everything right now. I need to remember that there is a bigger picture. 
Love you all
Sister Fisher 
Exchanges with the Lake St. Louis Sisters

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