Monday, February 15, 2016

Church cancelled

Hey Dad! 
Thanks for sharing your mission stories. I like hearing about your mission. It makes me think about before I left when I was listening to those tapes you recorded on your mission. Your voice was so different! I hope my mission experiences will help my kids some day.  I wish I could just call you up and ask for advice sometimes. But that is what companions are for. And Mission Presidents. I print off your letters sometimes too. So then I have you for the rest of the week haha I will print this email off :)
As for the highlights of the week: on pday we got to hang out with some sisters and go to the Galleria mall in St. Louis! It was fun :) I love St. Louis so much! 
I don't know if you remember my past companion Sister Bustillos... She was the first sister that I trained but while I was with her I remembered that she said that she has family in the O'Fallon area so I emailed her a couple weeks ago and told her that I was living in O'fallon! She gave me the address to her Grandparents and her Aunt. Her Aunt is in the ST. Peters area so Elders got to contact her and they said that their visit went really well. I got to contact Sister Bustillos's Grandparents and they let us in and we talked about Sister Bustillos and she gave us hot chocolate and she was super nice! We asked of her views of the church and she didn't have bad views but she didn't want to take the lessons because she didn't want to waste our time. She is really good at Crocheting and she said that we could come back any time and she would make me a scarf! haha This is them here :) 
Also, Church got cancelled this Sunday! Not because it was valentines day but because of the snow. This is what it looked like that morning...

We would have no church all winter if they cancelled it when ever it looked like this! But I guess the ground hog never saw his shadow here so spring is coming soon! It is suppose to get in the 60s coming this weekend.
I love you! Hope you have another great week full of surprises! 
And Happy "Valiant times" day! And be valiantly keeping the commandments like those Stripling warriors. (That is where I am in the Book of Mormon right now!) 
Love you! 

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