Monday, January 25, 2016

Missionary Broadcast

Another crazy week has gone by! Lots of planning and getting things situated for the transfer. My favorite part of the week was when we had the missionary broadcast! In the morning we had ZLT with the St, Louis Zone and got the zone pumped for the new year and crying repentance and going back to teaching the fundamentals of the gospel. I learned a lot from the Missionary Broadcast. I think the main thing that I got out of the Broadcast is that we are called, we are set apart, we are suppose to be there, we are suppose to open our mouth but we are not suppose to get in the way. The Holy Ghost is the teacher and we are the instruments. I like that because it makes our calling sound so much more simpler and allows everyone to be qualified to have the same calling. We bring the Holy Ghost to them and the investigator is the one who has to invite it into their hearts. 
What we taught to the zone is that we want our investigators to have faith. Faith is the goal. The Fundamentals in Preach my Gospel that we learn in 12 week help us see what they need to over come. And then the teaching skills are how we can deliver the message with the spirit to each investigator. 
Another part of the broadcast was working with members. Whether we are teaching with active members, less active or recent convert they told us to teach them the doctrine of Christ (the fundamentals/missionary lessons) and ask them "Who do you know?"
I thought the broadcast was fantastic on focusing the missionaries on our purpose to "invite others to come unto Christ"
The guy named John that I talked about last week... Ya he stopped talking to us 😧 
But we went on our first exchange this week with the YSA St. Louis sisters! I stayed in our area with Sister Day so this is us here:
She is from Utah and has been out 6 months! My MTC companion trained her :) She is cool! 
All is well in St. Louis! 
As for the weather it has been getting warmer but for a while it was pretty cold. There is some snow on the ground but no flooding where I am serving. The flooding that happened a while back was in Eureka (Where Six flags is) and in other places in the St.Louis and St.Louis South Zones. I live in the St. Louis North Zone. The cold here bites because of the humidity so I am excited to get back to that dry air. Looks like this week is going to stay pretty warm which is awesome! 
Have a great week! 
Love Sister Brittany Fisher 

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