Monday, February 22, 2016

AP Challenges

Oh Dad haha I am glad you are having fun "likening" the scriptures to my life.
But now it is time for transfer updates! For my last transfer in the mission I will be staying in O'fallon MO with Sister Turpin! I will tell you more about her next time but We have served around each other before and she is awesome! 
This week has been kinda crazy but really good at the same time. I don't know much info to give you but the decisions made at transfers is really good. Me and my last cpmpanion are both STL's serving together and after talking with president Morgan she will no longer be an STL just to help her have less stress for the rest of her mission. It will be good. 
We did that list thing you suggested! it worked out really well. I felt like I had a better idea of how to help her. And it made this week a lot easier. Anyways I do feel like we were meant to be companions. I have learned a lot from her... especially about patience and endurance haha She has also allowed me to humble myself a little more and become better. I love all my companions. They all teach me a different way to love :) 
On Monday we made prayer/study journals with one of our recent converts! We got to be all crafty with her. I want to work on it more today.
On Tuesday we met this less active named Brother Piper who is way cool and just had heart surgery. No one in the ward really knows him so I am glad we found him. His testimony is super solid and loves family history. It is just sad because he is getting old and has a lot of health issues. It was fun to talk to him he has some friends and family members who may be interested in learning about the gospel too so that is sweet.
On Wednesday we picked up 4 investigators! What?! For a while we had no gators and then this happened so that was a huge answer to prayers. I am really excited about Tracy. She had a sticker on her door that said forever families and so we commented about it on our door approach and talked about the plan of salvation. She told us that that sticker was on the door when she moved in and she just never took it down. I am excited to teach her again! Patrick and Priscilla are newly weds and have been investigators before. I have never taught them before. Patrick is struggling with various addictions and is hopefully more willing to keep commitments. He has his wife to support him and take the lessons with him this time. We are going to make sure he gets to those addiction recovery classes that the church offers. I am excited :) And then Cacillia... I don't know how long we will teach her. I don't know how interested she is.
Thursday was our crazy day.
On Friday we did our weekly planning and met with Travis who got baptized back in October. He is so cool. Reminds me of my little brother :) There family is interesting because all the kids are members but the mom isn't. She is not baptized because she still lives with her boyfriend and the boyfriend wants nothing to do with the church but they still want to live together. For now at least. I think they are planning on moving soon... But they are cool because they all want to serve missions and their mom is totally supportive of it. Travis was making fun of Canada and of me for being from Canada (What's new. everyone does it) And so I told him he better watch out because he is going to get called to Canada for his mission haha 
On the 6th week of the transfer the APs send out challenges to all the leaders and we compete and try to get more points then the other leaders. So on Monday we had to come up with an epistle name so when we send in an epistle to the APs they can send it out to the other leaders. It is kinda like twitter but it is just sending out fun messages on our phones and we call them epistles haha That probably made no sense.  On Tuesday the challenge was to contact as many people as possible by starting out the conversation by talking about the weather from 10am to 12pm and then next we had to start the convo by talking about sports from 1pm to 3pm and then next we had to start the convo by asking for directions. If we picked up an investigator we would get more points. On Wednesday we had to find money on the ground and then buy something from white castle (fast food restaurant) and give it to a homeless person. On Thursday the APs would send out descriptions of different leaders in the mission and we would have to guess who it is. On Friday we had to follow up with all our investigators and then Saturday we had to give out books of Mormon to as many people as possible. Not just give out books of Mormon but we had to share a scripture with that person too. It was super fun. We didn't win haha next transfer though!!! 
SO on Saturday we found another investigator! We have a list of people in our area book who could potentially become investigators (people that missionaries have come in contact in the past and have shown some interest) and we saw Kristine on that list. So we tried to visit her. She was super nice! We gave her a book of Mormon and shared a scripture with her and she actually seemed really interested! So we got bonus points for finding a new investigator by giving out a book of Mormon! haha 
On Sunday we had church which was lovely as always. 
So that was long but that was my week! The Lord's hand was definitely in it! 
I hope you all have a great week!
Love Britt :)

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