Monday, December 7, 2015


This week was fun! The members of this ward are fantastic. We helped Brother Richabaugh and his family prepare for Thanksgiving on Monday and then he taught us some sign language! He taught us D&C 4 so I am trying to practice it. 
Thanksgiving was also this week! We played football all day long! I hope you got that video of me and my comp, Brother Papa, Brother Brake and Brother Schmauch doing the one bite dohnut challenge! I know you were unset that I didn't do the taco challenge so I figured I should do this one haha :) We then had two turkey dinners that day. one right after the other. And then played more foot ball. PS I caught the ball. more than once. I hope you are all proud of me.
The next day we were all so sore! Haha you could tell what companionships at district meeting played because everyone was so stiff! 
Saturday we got transfer calls and I am finally leaving Fulton. I will now be living in Champaign IL serving in the Mahomet Ward (Right next door to Rantoul) follow up training Sister Grover. She is from Arizona. I also know that Elder David A. Bednar's son lives in the Mahomet Ward. (He is in the Champaign stake presidency) Maybe Elder Bednar will visit for Christmas??? How cool would that be?!
I have to tell you this because it is crazy. I still keep in contact with a lady who lives in Rantoul and she is a returning less active member. Just last week she emailed me and told me that she decided that she wasn't going to church anymore. She told me she didn't want me to worry about it but I was bummed. But then I got the transfer call that I was going to Mahomet and I was like... nuh uh.. I KNOW WHERE THAT IS!! She works in Champaign so we are totally gonna meet up for lunch! Hopefully I can rekindle the fire she felt when she first moved to Rantoul. I just don't even know. I can't wait to see her again. 
Sunday was awesome too. Michael came to church again which was awesome. He still isn't smoking!! He just needs to quit drinking coffee! But One of the kids in the ward was getting baptized on sunday so we invited him to that and he came! He watched that baptism and the spirit was so strong! He really liked it! I can't wait till I see pictures of him being baptized on Dec.12th. But I guess you could say I ended my time in Fulton with a baptism :) It was just as good.
I love you all. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I know that happiness is found when we align our will with God's. That's when we become converted. I hope I can become more and more converted each day! I am grateful for the things the Lord has taught me in the Fulton area. Sorry If i sounded like I was annoyed or frustrated in the emails. It is because I was. God had to teach me a lot and give me experience. I am so grateful! 
I have also been loving the D&C count down! I am glad you guys are doing it with me :)
Hope you all have a great week! 
Sister Fisher 

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