Monday, December 21, 2015

I love Christmas

Hello again! 
I love Christmas! this week has been great with so much Christmas cheer! 
On Thursday we had a lesson with Raji and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. It is cool teaching Raji because we have to teach her a lot more simply because of a little bit of a language barrier and of her different culture. She is from India but she still has a Christian belief. We invited her to be baptized and she wants to but she doesn't know if her husband will let her. She had an arranged marriage and she said that in her culture that it is very important to be completely obedient to her husband. We invited her to pray about it and to talk to her husband about it as well. It is just interesting.
On Friday we met this guy named Shay. I just love people who have genuine questions and who aren't talking to you to contend. Well Shay was really cool and was like that so I was talking to him and then my companion started coughing a lot and couldn't stop so Shay was like would you like me to pray for you? She was like sure and then he put his hand on her shoulder and started praying for her. I just stood there and bowed my head kinda smiling because it was kinda funny. When he finished his prayer I looked up and my companion was crying and I was like what the? We were teasing her and told her that she was over come with the spirit but it was because she was coughing so much. After that prayer she stopped coughing so that was really cool! Haha that power of prayer! We gave him our card and a book of Mormon and we will follow up in a week or so.. 
We came to another lady's door and she was like, "No thank you, I believe in Jesus Christ so I think we have some big belief differences there." And I was like, "No, We are Christians, we definitely belief in Jesus Christ." She thought that we believed that Christ had not come yet so I told her that she may be confusing us with Jewish beliefs and then we were able to share A Savior is Born initiative with her. I told my companion that if she was the only reason we came to this street then I am glad we cleared up that misconception. There was an Elder in our District who was talking about how he heard a statistic of how it takes like an average 6 or 8 contacts to the church before someone joins or something like that. So to not get discouraged if someone doesn't except your message right then because you may have been one of those contacts that they needed to come closer to joining the church. I thought that was really cool.
We also found a new investigator. I guess she has met with the sisters before. She loved meeting with them and she said that they helped her through a lot of hard things. The teaching record says that they lost contact with her and she wasn't keeping appointments. But she is really cool. We are going to go over again on Tuesday and she is going to make us hot chocolate :)
We taught Duane again but the girl who was going to come with us last minute cancelled so we asked our recent convert if we could have the lesson at her house and she let us. It was interesting because they are both black so they had this connection. It is weird because Duane is very knowledgeable and he is very enthusiastic about the bible but he will not come to church or read the Book of Mormon. When ever I invite him to church he always says that church is a hospital. I guess he doesn't feel like he needs church. I don't know how I can get in his head that church needs strong people too. He needs it he just doesn't realize it. 
We were talking in the past Ward councils of how the bishop feels like our recent convert Jamie and Ashley are slowly falling away and we were unsure if they would come to church this week but they came! Jamie told us that the only reason she was at church is because she wanted to see if Duane would come. I was goofing with Jamie and said "I know! what can we do to get him here??" It is cool to see missionary work help strengthen these guys testimonies. Jamie has a powerful testimony of the book of mormon. She was able to share that with Duane. We were coming up with plans to get Duane to church. :) 
Anyways I am so excited today because I am going to a Reindeer Farm that is in action around the Christmas season with the Rantoul Sisters! I am so stoked!! 
And that is interesting. I thought I was going home on the 4th of April because transfers is on the 6th. Are you sure? If I went home on the 19th I would almost serve for 19 months. But I guess it doesn't really matter. I would be okay with that :) 
So far I have got a package from Grandma and Grandpa Baker. But mail comes on Sunday and mail has not come yet today so I will be sure to get some soon.
Christmas day I am having breakfast with president McNab and our district in Champaign at 8:30 am. And then we are going to Mahomet to the Bundy's home to Skype at there home.They have lots of computers and they are good for us skyping at any time we want. My companion wants to skype sometime between 11 and 12. So 10 or 11 your time. I don't know if that would interrupt your brunch. I could maybe give you guys a call before hand like I have done in the past and see what works for you guys so expect a call.
I miss you guys! I am glad to here all your many crazy adventures! Love you and talk to you soon. 
Love Sister Fisher

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