Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas is amazing

I am a happy missionary this week! Christmas and everything is amazing!! I am having fun getting to know more and more people in the ward.
I am loving the people we are teaching too! We are teaching this cool guy named Duane. We are trying to get him to read the book of mormon but he won't. he says he will read it when we read it with him but he wont on his own time. Hopefully his heart will change and he will have a desire to read the book of mormon. one thing I have learned on my mission is that the book of mormon is our most powerful tool in conversion. We showed him the christmas video a Savior is Born and he loved it. We have been showing a lot of people that video. I have seen it a billion times. I am pretty sure I can quote the whole thing. But it is so good. I love it. 
We had zone conference this week and it was really good. I love our mission president and his wife! Sister Morgan is amazing! She talked about the difference between Surviving in the mission and Thriving in the mission. She invited each of us to consider what we can do thrive in our mission. I love that! I want to thrive! A mission is so short and I don't want to waste it by just surviving. 
She also invited to make this the best christmas that someone else has ever had. Me and my companion decided that we wanted to 12 days of christmas with our recent converts they are not going to be near any family this christmas and they aren't going to be doing anything to celebrate so we thought we would make there christmas special :) They are a mom and a daughter and the daughter has some mental problems but they are both so sweet!  We started yesterday and the last day will be christmas eve! We first left a picture of Jesus that they could put in there house bringing in the true meaning of christmas and a nice note letting them know what's up! It was so fun to knock on there door and run away! We got some more great ideas ahead! I am excited! :)  
We also had a ward christmas party and a christmas concert this week. So much talent in this stake it is crazy. 
Also I got a wonderful email today! Michael (My investigator in Fulton who we did the stop smoking work shop with) Got baptized in Saturday!!! :) Oh boy that guy is awesome!! And look at my baby girl! she is growing up so fast! 😜

Also that is me and Barb. She is the returning less active that told me she wasn't going to church anymore. She is such a goof. She was so excited to see me. She has been going through a lot. A lot of dark stuff from her past has been haunting her and she didn't feel any love or support from the branch. She is doing better though. She told me that she knows that not going to church is not going to help her. She will be alright. The branch has been reaching out to her more. Sister Morgan challenged the missionaries to read the book of mormon in 100 days and invited us to give some one else the same invitation. So I gave Barb that challenge. So many challenges I know! haha In 100 days it will be general conference! :) So I am excited to do this challenge with her and read the book of mormon. I love the book of mormon!!! It seriously changes lives. It did Michael's. He progressed so quickly when he started reading the book of mormon. 
Thanks for the quotes! You would be surprized on how much I actually use the quotes you give me. The pictures of Baxter is so cute 
And thank you for the love. This truly is a gospel of love. And that love never runs out. All that people want is to feel loved and be loved. 
Sister Fisher 

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