Monday, October 5, 2015


I had a really bad cold this week that I am getting over. The weather has been perfect here though. not too hot not too cold. I would say the best time of year in Missouri is in the fall. I love when the trees change and the nice cool afternoons! And Halloween decorations are starting to go up! So exciting :)
This week was pretty good. Nothing too exciting happened. Except conference of course :) 
I am excited for this week though! Devon is going to get baptized, We are going to have a Mormon movie night and watch meet the Mormons and going to pick up a bunch of new investigators! 
We watched the Sunday session at bishops house and had dinner at his house. We talked a lot about part member families in our ward so we will have a lot of work to do this week with the names he gave us. 
Non of our investigators came to conference but we got to watch some of conference at a less actives house! So that was good :) 
Moses didn't want to meet with us this week :( He said he is not ready and needs to study it out more. He is having a really hard time believing Joseph Smith is a prophet. We tried to tell him that he will come to understand over time and he can understand more as he meets with us but hopefully we can meet with him this week. We just stressed reading and praying about the book of Mormon that he can gain a testimony of Joseph smith. 
A lot of people have been hating on Joseph smith and prophets recently. That we glorify him too much.To the point to where they start preaching to us and saying that men are evil selfish and prideful and they tell us to get to know God and you don't need anyone else. It's annoying. Conference was really needed this week. I listened to these men and I didn't see selfishness. I liked Elder Christofferson talk. Seriously I hear that stuff on the daily! He hit it on the nose. 
I liked Elder Bednar's talk too. That was so sweet. God gives us these exemplary men because he loves us. They do not replace God or Jesus Christ at all. I do not worship them but look up to them because I know they are here to help us. It is hard to imagine my life without this church. I know that it is true. I love this church.
I hope you guys all have a great week! 
Love you all!
Sister Fisher
Hope you like the picture :) Please no making fun of the toes.
"How beautiful the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace."

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  1. Your feet are very beautiful you two wish I could smell them and suck on your toes