Monday, October 19, 2015


So This week was way cooler than last week. On monday we had dinner with the Harts and they gave me a pumpkin pie to celebrate the canadian thanksgiving :) I love them! 
We did a presentation at the Westminster College with Our Ward Mission Leader on the 13 Articles of Faith and it was actually really fun! There was a good amount of people that came and participated! majority were not members of the church and then there were a few members and even less active members that came! Tomorrow we are going to set up a booth and had out stuff at the college. I am so excited! 
We also picked up a new investigator named Christy! We have been trying to meet with her for a while but she has a lot of health issues and kept cancelling on us. we decided to stop by one night and she was talking about all the medical stuff she had to go through and i wanted to ask her if she wanted a priesthood blessing but I was kinda worried how she would take it because I have never offered a priesthood blessing so someone who wasn't an investigator before but I asked her anyways and she said well it couldn't hurt! We came by the next night with a priesthood holder and she got a blessing and it went well! Her 10 year old son was even there and was asking questions about church and was asking his mom if they could go :) 
We also went to a juicing party! I want a juicer when I get home! I love freshly juice fruits! We tried all sorts of things and it was really fun! 
Brother Hart told us to try a less active named michael because he was not responding to his text messages anymore. He decided to stop by his house that day and we found out that he does not have a cell phone anymore so that is why he was not responding to Brother Hart. We also found out that he lost his job so he is more available to come back to church so we need to help him with that and he also has a fiance that is interested in taking the missionary discussions!! He says that he has been trying to explain the church to her a lot and was wondering if we could teach her. Um yes please. We told brother Hart the update and he sent us this haha

​Haha he is so funny. 
Also one night we were looking for a less active that bishop sent us on the hunt for and we came to the house and found out that they moved to florida. But that a different less active lived there! It was kind of awkward because they were having some sort of party with alcohol but I think we made him feel guilty because he was telling us how he grew up mormon and was talking a lot about his brother who is serving a mission right now. He was cool. You could really tell that his family had a positive influence on him and was setting a good example.
We got transfer calls and I am staying another transfer to finish training Sister White :) SO I am SUPER happy :) This ward rocks.
Well I hope you all have a good week! thank you for the love! 

LOVE Sister Fisher

Ps We set up our Christmas tree in our room!! :) But don't worry. It has Halloween decorations on it right now! 

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