Monday, September 28, 2015

Miracles come about because of obedience.

Hello everyone! 

We had exchanges this week and a lot of good things happened this week. We were able to teach a lot of people. 
Not yesterday but last Sunday 4 college girls came to church! We were trying to pick up a potential investigator and he invited us to his house for a christian night thing he was having. That is where we met Gina and Allison. Allison called us before Sunday and asked us what time church started and that she was bringing Gina and two other friends.We were like, "Awesome!" The college girls did not come to church again but we were able to have a lesson with two of them during exchanges. Me and my STL taught Gina and Allison at the church building in Fulton. Gina took a religions class last semester and Allison is taking one this semester. They said that their favorite one that they have attended is the Lds church because everyone is so happy. Gina has a friend who is lds and they are both curious to learn more and were both trying to read the book of Mormon together :) We taught them the restoration and it was a very good lesson but we were not able to pick them up as investigators because we were not able to set a return appointment. With school and baseball practices they were not sure when they could meet again... they said that we could try and set something up during the week. Really nice girls! I think they would come again. We will keep trying with them. They wanted to take a selfie after our lesson haha  
It is cool to see how God puts people in our path. Our motive was to pick up a potential and his wife but God had something better in store! 
Another example is with a guy named Moses. not Moses in the old testament. One day, When I was still with the Mexico sisters, We were at the library filling out a survey that all the missionaries had to do online. I sat down next to a guy named Moses. Moses is like a 30 year old guy who wants to get into the ministry so he is quite religious. While I was taking the survey Sister Furniss was sitting on the couches waiting and she could see that he kept looking at me like he wanted to talk to me. then our phone rang and I answered it and said, "Hello this is Sister Fisher." and when I said that, Sister Furniss said that he looked at me with a really surprised look haha When I got off the phone he started talking to me and asked me, " Excuse me.. Are you a missionary?" I said, "Yes I am for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!" We were talking a little bit and then Sister Furniss came over and started talking to him while I finished the survey (because we have timed computers) We also found out that his sister is lds and he always thought his sister was following this religion blindly. 
We were able to meet with him again and he had some questions about Joseph Smith. So we turned to his account in Joseph smith history and read part of the first vision to him. He then asked if he could read it. He was just sitting there reading it for like 5 minutes and we were just watching him haha but it was a cool experience because everything changed after he read it. He was like whoa you read in the bible of how prophets interact with God and it is very similar how Joseph smith is describing it. He told us he is not going to see Mormons as another religion. Something touched him and it was cool to see. 
We got to see him again Saturday and we taught him more about prophets and Apostasy. We shared more scriptures with him and he agreed with a lot of it. He says that he is going to go home and really study the things we taught him. We showed him the question in the back of the restoration pamphlet to help him with his studies. I hope he sincerely studies and more importantly asks God if it is true. We are seeing him again next Saturday between conference sessions. 
I am really trying to know my scriptures. I put a lot of tabs in my scriptures and I am trying to refer to them more when I teach. I know that the scriptures invite the spirit as we teach and as I study more, the Holy Ghost will bring the right scripture to my remembrance to help the person we are teaching. 
Things don't always turn out the way we plan which is really frustrating. But I need to always remember that this is the Lords work. He has a better plan in store. It is God's "work and glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." (Moses1:39) It is "[our] work, to keep the commandments, yea, with all [our] might, mind and strength." (D&C11:20)
That is so cool to see miracles come about because of obedience and hard work. 
Hope you all have a great week.
Sister Fisher 

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