Monday, September 21, 2015

Put your heart in the work

I did hear about kiara! I have been keeping close contact with her I am so excited for her!! 
We had a mission conference this week that Elder Scott Grow from the 70 came to. I love that guy so much! I have noticed that a lot of the general authorities I have met have a really good sense of humor. really funny guys but have very powerful testimonies and are definitely servants of the Lord. But this conference was a punch to the face. He really chastised us and told us that we were not trying hard enough. But then he told us that the Lord chastens those he loves. Our mission needs to put there heart in the work more. 
This guy knows his scriptures so well. I want to know the scriptures like he does. He talked a lot about how important the morning studies are and how they lay the foundation for the day. He showed us his scriptures and preach my gospel and how marked up they were.
He made an equation: Spirit + Word = Power
Teaching by the spirit and knowing that word allows a missionary to teach with power! I really want to improve my studies and really know my scriptures well! I love the scriptures. I am reading through the new testament right now. I am in acts and it is actually really interesting 

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