Monday, August 3, 2015

The Challenge

Hello Everyone!
Yes I got the skittles loonies and twoonies! thank you very much! 
I am actually really enjoying training and being a trainer. It is not as bad as I thought it would be. Of course we are just starting the first week of our twelve week experience but so far I love it! 
My new companion's name is Sister Bustillos. She is from Orange county California. My third companion from california! I think it is a sign! I need to live in California. I think she came pre-trained though. she is a natural. Me and sister bustillos are challenging each other on who can ask for more referrals and who can give out more Book of Mormons. I am beating her on the referrals she is beating me by one on the book of mormons haha We are having fun. Going over 12 week training again is cool too. It is just so funny watching a new missionary explore and how funny and innocent her questions are. 
After I dropped off my dead companion at the mission home I stayed with two Sisters in St.Louis. It made me miss serving in St.Louis. 
It has been a good week
Thanks for the love! 
Sister Fisher

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