Monday, August 24, 2015

Haunted House

Hey I am in a trio and taking care of both areas, Mexico and Fulton because president morgan didn't want to close down an area. It sucks so bad. But at least I can say that I served my mission in Mexico!!! haha And the girls I am serving with are awesome. we go back and forth between Mexico and Fulton and the Mexico house that the sisters live in is haunted! and there is a huge spider that has taken over the basement so we never go down there. there is a room in the has that an old lady died in so we never go into that room either. One night we came home and it was dark and the haunted room door was like 4 inches cracked open!! I walked up to the door to close it and told my companions and they asked me how far open it was. so we all went to the door and I reach to open the door and it opened!!!!!! Right before I touched the door knob! We all screamed and ran away and then started laughing. It was so scary! 
As for the missionary work it is going well.We plan to have a baptism this weekend with some kids we have been teaching. And remember that guy that I talked about that was golden and then went crazy on us? Well he came to church yesterday and last sunday!!! We were at a members home one night for dinner and the member got a text message from Devon and he said something like, sorry I haven't been to church in a while, I have been struggling with my faith but something keeps drawing me back to this church. We decided to play it cool with him and just let him figure things out before jumping into teaching him again. I talked to him at church and he said he has been reading and praying a lot and he started college and is saving up for a car... things are doing really well for him. I KNEW IT WASN"T OVER WITH HIM!! :) :) It makes me so happy. The spirit is so powerful. And it just goes to prove that we as missionaries are the instruments. we probably messed up with devon and heavenly Father is just over here cleaning up our mess haha And God definitely answers prayers. Ah man. I wish I could tell you more of the story in person. I just can't wait to hear what happens next in this crazy story.

We found some critters this week too! We saw a huge dead Armadillo on the side of the road so we had to stop and take a picture with it. I have never seen a live armadillo before. but it stunk sooo bad. I didnt touch it because I didn't want to get leprosy.
I also saw a prey mantis!!! It was so cool! We stopped to get gas and it was just chilling at the gas station so I got my camra out and was taking picture and he was just staring at me. But then I was getting too close and it jumped up and flew away and it made me jump and I screamed and a black lady who was there started laughing at me. it was really funny. 
We came in to email late today so I guess it worked out that you emailed late as well :) I never ran into wayne pederson. Did there family come down to Nauvoo again? And I did not know Jason bohnet got married! that is exciting and I wouldn't be surprised is candace was engaged by the time I get back :) I hope so that would be cool. She better wait for me to get home.  
It is weird because we were in the store this morning and they are starting to put out the halloween stuff. it is weird because last year during halloween I was a missionary so that means I have been out way too long and that also means it is soon coming to a close. Which also means I have to make every second count!! 
I just want you guys to know that everything is going great. It has been really hard working the fulton schedule with the mexico schedule and prioritizing things but like you said it has definitely been a growing experience. I will get a new companion sept. 9th because that is when the new transfer is.  
I also want to say that I LOVE my mission president and his wife! they are amazing and I feel like they are my mission parents. They really look out for us missionaries. I have also learned that God is definitely in this work. I don't know how we are doing it but things are working out and we are going to have two baptisms this weekend. 
I am so tired. I was worried that august was going to be a slow month but I was so so wrong. 
I am glad to hear you are all doing well.
I love you all.
Have a great week. 

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