Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What a weeeeeek

Oh my gosh I am crying! I am not sure if I am crying because that little video was so funny (helium voice video made at family reunion) or if it is because I miss you guys but either way I love you!! It sounds like the family reunion was a blast. I definitely trained my dog well! such good manners. And it shows that good examples stand out. I am so proud of my little boy, doing missionary work. doing what Jesus would do. (Getting our meal payed for in Waterton)
What a weeeeek!!
A lot has happened. It feels like it was a really long week too. A lot of the days have just blurred together. Let me see if I can organize my thoughts... 
The first few days of the week we weren't teaching a lot. Our teaching pool was slowly dying. The guy who likes to say peace love and no bugs is in a nursing home in Columbia and will be there for at least 2 weeks. But his spirits are still high and we are getting the missionaries to visit him there and we got him a priesthood blessing. I hope he comes back soon because he wants to get baptized. He is so fun to teach and is just absorbing everything we are giving him.
We were teaching a foster child but she was having problems and ran away from home and so she moved.
But we have also found some new people this week! 
A lot of random people have just let us teach them so that is good because it lets my trainee have practice teaching the restoration. We have a lot of good potentials and we have picked up three new investigators this week. Mostly from tracting. There is this one guy who came across an out door ward party a couple months ago and was talking to the bishop a bit and we have been trying to pick him up as an investigator for a while. A couple days ago we tried to contact him and he said that he was busy so he told us to talk to his wife. We were talking to her for a bit and she shared with us a lot about her family and how they are going through a rough time. We ended up talking about the Book of Mormon, what it is and how it is written for our day. And that we can receive a lot of peace and guidance from reading it. we shared a scripture with her and she really liked it. It was one of those times where you really felt like the spirit was present and working. 
We came back later on that week and we had a lesson with both of them. I am excited to teach them more.
We had a weird experience too. We were tracting and a lady opened the door and squished her nose up against the window of the screen door and just looked at us with a smile. we told her that we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of lds and then she just gasped with this surprised yet happy look on her face. Still with her face smushed against the window. haha We were able to set up a return appointment with her and taught her the restoration. She was still kind of weird but not as weird as she was the first time. She may have been under the influence of something. if you know what I mean. haha I don't know if she will continue to let us teach her though. She looks a lot like that heavier lady who is on Brides maids. or Life as we Know it. 
Anyways. It has been a hard week. Our gps that I found is not working so I am thinking of buying a new one today. I kind of wish they told us to bring a gps before the mission because it is definitely a necessity. How much money did I get for my birthday? I was looking at the prices and I think the cheapest one was like 88 dollars. 
This coming week will be another crazy, hard, interesting, fun, spiritual week with lots more learning experiences! 
I love you and hope you have another great week! :)

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