Monday, August 31, 2015

Taco Challenge

I am glad you liked the picture :) A member in the fulton ward sent one to moms phone last week. 

 Happy Birthday to Sister Furniss! Sister Kimball broke the taco record tonight with 15. The party was fun! I didn't even try the taco challenge. seriously this whole week we have been having double dinners and I was just tired of being stuffed!! haha I was definitely trying to be charitable haha 
Sister Furniss is from Blackfoot Idaho and Sister Kimball is from Logan Utah. Sister Kimball is a direct descendant of Heber C. Kimball who is also somehow related to Spencer W. Kimball. She caries her pedigree chart with her everywhere because people ask her that all the time haha  
we had another busy week! it went by so fast! 
Jordan and Emily past their baptism interview and were able to get baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. Jordan is 12 and Emily is 13. they are a lot of fun! 
We came back for the second time to teach our investigator named michael and he read 5 chapters from the book of mormon! And understood what was going on!! it was refreshing to see that. 
Another investigator named Kelsie came to church with her little boy! She is super cute and really enjoyed it! we were trying to contact a less active and found out that they moved and kelise lives there now so that is how we found her. she was looking for a church for something that her little 3 year old boy could be involved in. 
President Mahassey (second Councillor to president morgan) decided that he wanted to visit the fulton ward yesterday as well. he couldn't have picked a busier week! he didn't know that fulton and mexico were together for this short time but he enjoyed his visit in fulton! He took the 3rd hour of church to talk to us about the work being done in fulton and gave us advice and motivated us. it was kind of a tender mercy from God. He send his servant to strengthen us and let us know that we were doing a good job. God is definitely carrying this work. I don't know how these areas are staying alive but they are haha we were even able to pick up two new investigators who have had a lot of contact with missionaries in the past! they told us, "I don't know if God is trying to tell us something but missionaries just keep coming back!" haha. I love them and look forward to teaching them more. they don't like joseph smith and they don't think they need to be baptized again so those are the two main concerns we need to get over.
And this is just what happened in Fulton! I haven't even talked about what happened in mexico! 
It's been crazy busy but I am so happy :) I love my companions! They are so much fun! we are making lots of fun memories together!! 
I love you all thank you for the update! 
ps Who is candace marrying!?!? and when is the marriage date!? so many people have told me she is getting married but no one is saying who??
Sister Fisher

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