Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Illinois Sky

Some pictures of our Illinois sky. No tornadoes yet though.
​It is starting to look more green! The corn is growing!! 

Mission conference yesterday was awesome!!! The zones got to take pictures with Elder Christofferson and I got to stand right behind his chair in the pictures! I could give him bunny ears if I wanted to! So that was cool. Then before the meeting, everyone got to go up and shake his hand! When he shook my hand he asked me where my home is and I told him Alberta Canada and he said "wow! What city?" And so I told him and he was just like "good." I don't think he knows where that is but he TALKED to me!!!! It was super cool! Elder Christofferson is actually a really funny guy too! He has a funny personality and He was cracking jokes left and right! He is very wise but he is also very humble. He gave us a warning and told us to not go home thinking that God owes you. He said that God doesn't owe us anything for the time we spent as missionaries, in fact we owe him even more for this great opportunity and the blessings we have received. He quoted king Benjamin in Mosiah 2 how he says that we are unprofitable servants. But it also helped me learn that we love what we serve. When you serve your children you grow a greater love for them or when you serve your spouse your love grows for them. I thought it was interesting Elder Christoffereson pointed out that If you serve the devil you will grow a love for evil and be trapped in sin and addictions. But when we serve God and others we will have a greater love for God. I will "eternally be indebted to my Heavenly Father" but it is because of the great love that our Father has for us. He is the one who gives us life and is continually raining blessings on us. I will always remember that I love who I serve. So have faith and serve God! :)I am sure you guys have heard Elder L. Tom Perry passed away. So sad :( Elder Christofferson talked about how awesome of a guy he was and said it was cancer that finally killed him. Said he served 100% till the very end. 
I got my winnings from our bet from the Zone leaders. Only I didnt ask for a chocolate bar, I asked for skittles :) I tried to share with them but they wouldn't take any haha! 
We had another great week with exchanges and mission conference. I went to Springfield, the Illinois capital, again! I really want to go to the Abraham Lincoln museum there someday. Really cool city. We got another new investigator named Brunilda. She seems really interested. She was just someone we stopped and talked to on the street. That is why it is important to talk to everyone!! You never know who could be your next baptism!! :)
Love you guys! Have a great week!
Love Britt

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