Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Candy Bar

I got all the emails! Kaitlyns house looks huge! Jayden looks beautiful and I loved the Canadian facts! I would also like to know celebrities from Canada and if you could send me a loonie and a toonie in the mail that would be great. I have a 5 and 10 dollar bill and people are soooo fascinated with our plastic money here haha. 
Thank you for figuring out my driving info. I will send you that stuff in the mail just because the Rantoul library doesn't have a scanner that is connected to a computer.
This week was pretty sweet! We had Zone Leader Training this transfer and the zone leaders gave a training about "12 week" (12 week is the booklet you go through the first 12 weeks of your mission as you are being trained.) Because the whole mission will be studying from it since a lot of new missionaries will be coming in this summer and will need to be trained. It was a very motivating meeting. This week in the 12 week booklet it talked about finding and so the zone leaders challenged the zone. If we found more investigators this week then they do, they have to buy us a candy bar. But if they find more then we do, we have to buy them a candy bar. The zone was willing to accept the challenge. By the end of the week me and my companion picked up 5 new investigators. Did we beat the zone leaders?.... You bet we did :) Rantoul Sisters, Paris Sisters and Champaign Elders were the only ones who beat the zone Leaders. Now they owe us a candy bar.
Our first investigator that we picked up is an 18 year old girl named Gabby who just graduating from High school. She was a media referral and ordered a bible from mormon.org. When ever people order a dvd, book of mormon, bible or what ever, missionaries drop it off. We were able to get into her house and teach her the restoration. She said that she is non-denominational because she hasn't found a church that is right for her yet. So we were like perfect! 
Another new investigator is Dao. He is originally from Vietnam but then moved to America in the 1980's because it was not safe in Vietnam. He lived in California but 6 months ago he moved to Rantoul. His english is not very good but he is a cute little old asian man! I love him!! We knocked on his door and shared a book of mormon with him. We saw him again on sunday and just talked about who God is and a little bit more about the book of mormon. It will be so different teaching Dao because he does not have a christian background. He is the first person on my mission that I have taught who is not christian. But it is exciting and refreshing and I really like it! 
And then we picked up part of a family! A mom named Noeli and her two boys Alex and David who are 17 and 19. They are spanish. The boys are good at speaking english but the mom struggles a little bit. They are catholic. We found the mom from tracting and she said we could come back. We came back and they just pulled up and said that they just got back from a day trip to Chicago. We sat down with them and taught them the restoration. It was the boys who were answering our questions the whole time. But the mom was nodding her head a lot and smiling. I think the lesson went well. We asked the mom if she had any question but she said no and said that she understood everything. We have a return appointment with them so I think they will be good investigators.
Yesterday was memorial day so the library was closed. that is why I am emailing today. And I also have good news! Elder D. Todd Christoferson is coming to our mission to speak to us on june1st! So I will see him three days in a row at stake conference and at another mission conference!!! I am so excited! 
No ipads yet. :(
The mission is like the MTC to the rest of your life. I feel like everything I do as a missionary has helped me build my confidence and is helping me become a better person. It has taught me how to be thrifty and budget , it has taught me how to organize and plan out appointments, it has taught me how to problem solve and trust in God, and it has taught me how to love and to be a representative of Jesus Christ. And much much more. I think a mission is the best think I can do for my life right now. 
I love you all!! 
Have a great week!
Happy Birthday Brandon! I sent you a letter in the mail last monday! :)
Love Sister Fisher
We went through the Air museum on Memorial day and got to see all the air planes :) 

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