Monday, June 15, 2015

Moving to Fulton Missouri

Hope you had a happy birthday dad!! One year older and wiser too! :)
Thank you so much for figuring out my drivers license! Sorry it was a pain to do.

It has been really hot here but the difference with Canada and Illinois is it is humid here. It rains a LOT. We were walking around Rantoul and got caught in the rain. We were soaked by the time we got to our car and had to go home and change. We have had no tornadoes but we have had a lot of thunder storms and flash flood warnings. 
We got transfer calls last saturday and they finna move me to Fulton MO. I will be in a Ward. I heard it is about 30 minutes away from Jefferson City which is the Capital of Missouri. It is in the Columbia stake. I am so excited! I hear there is a huge prison there and they are teaching someone in a mental facility! haha So if you thought Rantoul was sketchy... Just you wait for the stories I tell you in Fulton! haha I am just joking. Don't contact President Morgan please. 
Great news!! I just heard that a mother and son that I taught in Webster groves got baptized!!!! I don't know if you remember me talking about Daniel and Carolyn... I found them tracting in the rain!! and taught them the majority of my time in Webster groves! He is the one who had Schizophrenia. I am SO happy!!! AND another lady named Lulu that I started teaching in Webster groves is finna get baptized this Saturday!! Crazy!! 
We also picked up a new investigator this week! We helped a less active move and her neighbor was there helping too. we got talking to her and she was willing to have us come over and teach her the missionary discussions! 
I am so excited for this next transfer! Good things are coming! I can tell!
Love you!! The church is true!
Love Sister Fisher

This is Daniel and Carolyn! 

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