Monday, June 8, 2015

Storm rolling in

Hello family! 
Were you able to work on getting my drivers license renewed at all? Did you get the information in the mail? I found out what notarizing it means haha I was planning on doing it this pday
We did a church tour with one of our investigators on tuesday. I feel like we have been dragging this lady to church but we finally were able to give her a tour of the building and have a lesson at the church. But She still didn't come to church on sunday :( She is one of those investigators that you only see the tip of the ice berg of their concerns. She is good with coming up with excuses. Just you wait. We will get her there.
We saw a lot of less actives this week. They like us. Some of them came to church too. haha I don't get it. 
We are just having a hard time with getting our investigators progressing. I have been lucky because this is the first time on my mission that I have not had any progressing investigators. An investigator who is keeping their commitments and coming to church. Things will start happening though. just you wait.
We also had a crazy storm yesterday! Lots of rain and thunder and lightening! I took a video of it. Check out that storm rolling in!

Anyways hope you have a great week! 
Tell mom I love her! 
And tell Justin that he is the!
I miss you guys!
Love Britt

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