Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ronald McDonald House Service Project

Hello Family! 
I love Fulton Missouri!!! I just love Missouri a lot better than Illinois! There are so many trees and its green here! And turtles that like to try and cross the road that we save and there are FIREFLIES!! there are fireflies in Illinois too. The other night me and Sister Nordstrom went out to catch fireflies and I caught one!!! They are actually easy to catch. Sister Nordstrom actually started her mission in England! The Birmingham mission though. But I am killing her off this transfer! She is from California and she is a lot of fun :) We are getting along.
The place that I live in is cool!! I live in an old high School building that they turned into an apartment building! It is a lot bigger apartment than Rantoul. I have my own bathroom, a walk in closet and my bed is super comfy! AND no ants!!! 
Fulton Ward is amazing! The ward is really active in there callings and in missionary work. The Bishop may be crazy but it is a good crazy! the Ward has a baptism goal of 30 this year and the bishop has a dream of doubling the ward into two. We are at 10 baptisms so far this year. It is a lot different than the Rantoul Branch! I am going to be held more accountable here. The people here are great!! We have some good investigators here too. 
One investigator is 24 and the missionaries here just started teaching him a little less than a month ago. He is on parole for a felony that he did. He also spent 3 years in prison. His cell mate was an excommunicated guy from the church. This guy talked to him a lot about how he misses the church and wishes that he could get back. That is where he first learned about the church. Our investigator also met with Senior missionaries in prison and learned a lot there. Time has passed since he was in prison then he finally decided that he wanted to meet with missionaries again and referred himself online. Our district calls him a "dry mormon" meaning he is living all the mormon standards but he is just not baptized yet. We were trying to get President Morgan get permission from the first presidency so that he could be baptized before his parole ended but President Morgan pretty much said that he might as well wait until October when his parole ends because it could take over 6 months to get permission from the First Presidency. So that is what we figured out this week! Crazzzy! He has a pretty interesting story. I am excited to teach him more! He finally came to sacrament meeting this week and he loved it!! He has been having a hard time to get time off work. 
Fulton will be tough but I really think it will push me and help me become a better missionary :) I am excited!
Yesterday our Zone volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house for a golf tournament! We just sat at different parts of the course and told them what to do and collected donations. It was fun! We got tshirts and sunglasses and other goodies! So that is why I didn't write yesterday. 
Tomorrow we are also getting a mini missionary! A youth from the stake is going to live with us for 5 days so that will be fun! We are going to have a mini transfer meeting with them tomorrow.
As for the History in Fulton, Winston Church Hill gave some famous speech here. And a part of the Berlin wall is here. I decided that I wanted to go to the Winston Church Hill museum for my birthday so I will tell you all about it next week.
I think I like being a missionary in the summer! Fulton will be a great place to spend my summer. 
I Love you guys!!
Have a great week :) 
Sister Fisher

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