Monday, March 2, 2015

Springfield & Fisher

Hello! It's been a good week :) We had Zone Leader Training and Exchanges so I got to go to Springfield with the STL. In Springfield they are all about Abraham Lincoln. Springfield is the Capital of Illinois so it was kinda cool to serve there for a day. They have a big Abraham Lincoln Museum and Lincolns tomb is there. I never really got to sight see but we got to drive around some cool stuff. Definitely a place I would like to return and explore a little bit more.
I also got to go to Fisher this week! I had to take a picture with the sign. 
We pray a lot. We have a companion prayer right when we get out of bed, then a personal prayer; we pray before meals, we pray before we leave the apartment, we pray before appointments, we pray to start a lesson and to close a lesson, we pray before and after companion studies and planing sessions, and we pray before we go to bed and we pray when necessary. To many times to count. 2 Nephi 32:9 "that ye must not perform anything unto the Lord save in the first place ye shall pray unto the Father in the name of Christ, that he will consecrate thy performance unto thee, that thy performance may be for the welfare of thy soul."
I want my Heavenly Father to consecrate my performance so that is why I feel it is very important to pray before we do anything. 
I feel like I receive promptings quite frequently. Whether it is to say something to someone or teach someone something, or just talk to a random person. And I kick myself in the butt sometimes because when I feel the prompting to talk to a random someone sometimes I don't do it! But for me promptings come as a thought. And a strong prompting comes as a thought and a feeling. Two interesting examples come to mind...
On exchanges this week we contacted a potential named Jennifer and when see answered the door she was in tears. She had just found out that her husband had been sent to jail and that she wouldn't be able to see him for how ever many months. We showed her our sympathies and and gave her a hug. Of course at a time like that people often say that they don't have time to hear lessons from the missionaries. At that moment I remembered a talk from the MTC by Jefferey R Holland when he was addressing the missionaries at the MTC. In that talk he talks about an experiment that some people did where they set up different scenarios of investigators with different issues. And in some of those scenarios the investigators make the point that they don't have time to listen to the missionaries because of what they are going through. But Elder Holland makes the point, "Isn't that the time when they NEED the missionaries??" Anyways so I felt like I needed to tell this lady, "You know, this may be what you need right now." She then said "you know what I think your right." And then we were able to talk to her for a bit and set up a return appointment.
Another time this week my companion was struggling of what we should teach our investigator Christine. She was going to teach her while I was away in Springfield. I pondered for a bit and said, "Maybe you should teach her about Temples and Family History." My companion was a little hesitant about that because Christine can be kind of crazy and Temples can sometimes be a hard thing to teach because of how in depth the questions of the investigators can get. But I told her, " I really think you should teach her about Temples and Family History." She when we got back from our exchanges My companion told me how the lesson went. She said, "You know it was really inspired that we taught her about temples and family history. When we told her that that is what we wanted to talk about she stopped us and was like, 'Family History?! I have been thinking about that recently and I really have been wanting to get into that!'" Maybe Family History is what Christine needs to progress. We are going to go to the Library soon and get here started on the Family Search website. Family History is really a great way to share the gospel!! That is why I am so excited that Justin is getting involved with it!! 
I can't really say how many times a day I receive promptings but it is pretty frequent. Especially little promptings that we might not think are that incredible. But they turn out to be little miracles. 
Love you!!!!
Have a great week!
Sister Fisher

We got lots of snow yesterday and our zone leader told us we had to park our cars and church was cancelled. I don't think I have ever had church cancelled because of snow before. This is my companion. She is from Las Vegas so she is not used to the cold snowy winters. haha :)

I also cover a very small town called Fisher! I had to take a picture with the sign :)

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