Monday, March 30, 2015


Another week in Rantoul and it was pretty good! I got a new companion and she is pretty rad. She is your typical Utah girl. She definitely has a Utah accent too. We got home from exchanging companions and when we got home I got a call from President Morgan. Ooops... I guess you guys didn't think it was that funny of a story.(The story from last week about the police checking them twice to see if they were ok and telling them to be carefull. Had mom worried) President Morgan was real cool about it though. He said he is glad I have got good parents who care about me. I know it was inspired of president Morgan to keep Sisters in Rantoul. I sustain him 100%.. He is so good. My companion last transfer (Sister Sims) kept telling me that we were going to get white washed with Elders because in her interview with the president she said that he told her that there might not be sisters in Rantoul anymore. I didn't think we were going to get white washed though. The spirit was telling me that my work was not done in Rantoul yet. And I was right! HA So I know that President Morgan was following the spirit when he kept me here. President Morgan told me to tell you that Rantoul isn't that bad haha! And I don't just serve in Rantoul. We cover other little towns that are safe. And the members are great. I am well taken care of.
Yesterday at church in the third hour we did a missionary work shop thing with the ward!! It was awesome! We gave everyone mission calls and name tags and then they went to their different missions (rooms). Then the relief society president, elders quorum president and us missionaries gave trainings on different things and switched rooms every ten minutes. This also gave us the opportunity to introduce the "Because he lives" initiative with the branch! It went really well and hopefully got the branch more excited about missionary work!
We also got a call from a mother in our branch telling us that we need to start teaching her 9 year old son and get him baptized. We were not apposed to that ;) We have a dinner appointment with them Friday.
We also met with our investigator named Faith. She is 13. But she seems way more mature then I am. We had a hard time meeting with her last transfer. But a couple Sundays ago she told us that she was ready to be baptized. She wanted a better understanding of Joseph Smith before she got baptized so she read the Joseph Smith History on her own and now she says she is ready. We had a lesson with her after church yesterday. I am a firm believer in Baptism calendars so we finally made one with her and we have our lessons set and everything is planned out for her to get Baptized on April 12th. I am so excited!
Also I don't think I have walked this much in my entire life. My feet don't like me because I am usually lazy and sit in a car and sit in peoples houses and eat food all day. We have been walking and saving miles because tomorrow we have a 2 hour drive to Springfield for a zone conference. I guess I didn't realize how nice it is to have a car. We have to get our cars there because all the cars in our mission are getting these box thingys put in them so if we are speeding or if we slam on the brakes to often then it informs the mission office. Or something like that. I can't remember if I told you but at the beginning of my mission these two Elders got in a really bad car accident. One of the Elders came back out but the other is still home. The mission President just wants us to drive more carefully.
Anyways, That's what's up in the St. Louis Mission!! Good luck to you Elder Fisher! That guy sounds like the golden gator!! 
Sister Fisher 

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