Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Morning Toad

 I am adjusting just lovely! I am starting to grow a love for this little branch. I had a lot happen this week too! We did service at the Air Museum cleaning glass. The people that work there are hilarious and love to tease. We walked around and looked at a bunch of air planes too. There are some big ones. The member that works at the Air museum said that President James E. Faust did his training in Rantoul. 
Eat a small toad in the morning and it will be the worst thing you do all day.

Me and my companion had to try Frog legs. In Rantoul of all places. But it wasn't that bad! Don't think I will ever order it again though.
I went to a members house for dinner this week and they made me poutine and we have Nanaimo bars for dessert. They even had little Canadian flags in the drinks. It was so cute. I love the members in our branch they are so fun! 
And then this Sunday was crazy! I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and then we had three baptisms! Tyler, Mersadies, and Destiny are siblings and they all got baptized! I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost at there baptism too. It was a stressful day because these kids are crazy but I love them so much! They are a lot of fun! I love this area because all of our progressing investigators are youth! And they are so sassy. It reminds me a lot of chillin with the youth back in Claresholm. I am having so much fun with them.

My companion, Sister Sims, is from Las Vegas and she is a convert to the church. She is 21 and she got baptized when she was 18. She loves whales and she is super weird but she is so much fun! she is such a goof ball. She has been out for 13 months so she is a pro at being a missionary. She has 5 other siblings with the same dad but they have a different mom. She is still really really close with her siblings but her mom raised her as a single mom. And her mom is not a member. She is pretty amazing :)
I wouldn't say that Illinois has a distinct accent. But we are teaching a lot more black people then I did in St. Louis so I am hearing a lot of the Ebonics accent. A lot of, "What up durdy!? Guurl we be baptizin all up in hur. Ya das jus how we do! Fenna go tracting all day, praisin Jesus!" haha I don't know what I am saying. But I need to practice my Ebonics. And sometimes you hear a southern drawl in some white people but other then that no accents. A lady in my branch thought it was weird that I didn't have an accent. She is crazy.
The teaching goes good. We have 16 in our teaching pool but only 2 now with a baptism date. We have a lot of people who love to meet with us and talk about Jesus but they do not what to get baptized. That is the struggle. It might just take some time with some of our investigators. And we are always looking for more to add to the teaching pool.
Well I am loving Rantoul! Justin keep up the steady family searchin. Talk to ya next week  
Love Sistaaa Fishaaa

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