Monday, March 23, 2015

Cool Skies

Hello guys!
This week was pretty great! Transfers is this week and Sister Sims is leaving me and I am staying in Rantoul for another six weeks. Von got baptized on Saturday and confirmed Sunday!! It was awesome! She has been meeting with the missionaries for such a long time! And has always said that she wants to get baptized but she just needed to come to church one more time. Then one day me and Sister Sims had sort of a "come to Jesus" lesson with her and set a baptism calendar with her and then after that she completely turned around and got baptized a few weeks later! She also really wanted the Holy Ghost in her life and was soooo excited to get that. I was really excited for her. 
The retro picture is at Calaway Park??
I have not got sister Clark's letter yet because it is at the mission office. Hopefully my companion or zone leaders will pick up the mail at transfer meeting but if not then I will get it at zone conference which is on March 31st. I will do what I can when I get it.
Oh my gosh. I wish I could spend an hour a day on facebook. There are no Facebook missionaries in my mission. And I have not heard of my mission getting ipads yet... I have heard that my mission is not obedient enough... that is why we don't have district or zone pdays and we are a motab only mission.. 
The other day we were walking to an investigators house that lives about a five minute walk away from us and a cop drives up to us and was like, "Hey... do you know where you are?" we told him, "Ya we are missionaries for our church." and then he was like, "Oh Latter day Saints?" and we were like, "Ya!" and then he was like, "Okay... Just be careful okay?" and then another cop car came around the corner and stopped us and was like, "You guys okay?" and then we pretty much had the same convo as the last cop and then he was like, "Where is your car?" and we were like, "just around the corner at our apartment" and again we were told, "Okay just be careful".... So we live in a sketch area. I guess that wasn't really funny and I probably scared you but I lock my doors at night and we don't go tracting at night. Anywayyyyys
Have a great week!

the pictures are of Von's baptism and a large air plane by the air museum! 

We get some pretty cool skies over here as well. And everything is flat. I can't wait until the corn starts growing. This is me jumping in front of a died cornfield.
All is well in Illinois! Hope you have a great week! :)

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