Monday, February 2, 2015

Alma 45:3

 I am feeling pretty good over here in Missouri. I don't know if I told you this but our mission's goal for baptisms this year is 453 based off of the scripture Alma 45:3 "Yea, I believe" I am so excited for this goal! I believe we can reach it!! And just reading the mission president's email today he says that our mission has 101 baptism dates set so far! That is so exciting! And here are some more statistics for ya, transfer calls are this Saturday and 22 missionaries will be leaving and 3 will be coming in. And the transfer in March:16 missionaries will be leaving and another 3 coming in. And with those 2 transfers 19 sisters will be leaving and 0 will be coming in. So at least I know I wont be training anyone any time soon! haha but there will be a lot less wards with two sets of missionaries. My guess is I will be leaving this area at the end of this transfer. Stay tuned for next week!!
My week was pretty good. I did the training in district meeting last Tuesday and surprisingly it went really well! I got a call from our Sister Training Leaders congratulating me on my training. The assistants to the president (who are in our district) talked to them and told them that they were really impressed with my training! Anyways it made me feel good. I had to give a lot of thanks to the Lord for that one. My Savior loves me and has been and has been blessing me and watching over me every step of the way. I know I can do all things in the strength of the Lord. It definitely hasn't been easy. I have definitely had to step out of my comfort zone but I have been given the strength and endurance to get through anything. And knowing that my Savior loves me makes me so happy! And I want to show him that I love him back! 
We have had some success finding this week! We found 3 new investigators and I really hope they stay with us! One of them was a member referral and she is a sweet lady with a small little boy. She is originally from Argentina and we just so happened to have a return missionary with us who served in California and learned some Spanish so they were speaking Spanish to each other. She is great I want to continue teaching her family so bad!! We will see them again this Wednesday:)
Also another awesome thing that happened this week is this... Andy's frozen custard is a thing in the Missouri area. A great place to get concretes (Concretes are equivalent to Blizzards). So the person who owns Andy's frozen custard is LDS. And if missionaries go to Andy's and tell the workers there that, "Scott from Colombia Missouri sent us for the mess ups." They give you the ice cream they messed up on that they usually end up throwing out at the end of the day. The Elders in our ward called us, told us this and told us to get ice cream for them (because they don't have a car). So we tried it and they just gave us two big boxes full of ice cream! It was awesome!! We even tried to give the lady that worked there a pass-a-long card but she wouldn't take it haha :/ So I will never have to pay for ice cream on my mission ever again! haha And I will probably be a fat kid too! :) 
I am so glad to see you are all doing great! Justin you look fabulous in that sweater! Nice hair cut too! 
Love you all and count your many blessings! 
Sister Fisher

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