Monday, February 16, 2015

Cold dead cornfield

 My first impression of Rantoul.... Well I have heard lots of talk about Rantoul from other missionaries. Yes Rantoul has some interesting history but unfortunately it is not like that anymore. Rantoul is ghetto. It used to be popin' when the Air base was in action. My companion told me that Elder James E. Faust did his training at the air base in Rantoul. I don't know if that is true. You should look it up for me. We do service at the Air museum so I will send lots of pictures of it next week. But after they closed the Air Base, Rantoul not much. Missionaries have told me that the rejects of Chicago live in Rantoul. haha But ya definitely a lot sketchier than Webster Groves. My companion carries around pepper spray and a pocket knife. Not even joking. She said that her last district leader told them to buy pocket knifes. We don't go tracting a lot here. Especially at night. I also cover some other little towns in the area and one of those towns is called Fisher! I haven't gone there yet but I want to check it out soon!
 We have lots of investigators! 5 with baptism dates. We are teaching a lot of young woman and primary aged girls. They are a lot of fun. We are teaching a lot more black people here. I got to watch someone weave hair into a black persons hair. It was so cool! The people are pretty interesting. You hear a lot of stories of people going to jail. Majority of the active members don't live in Rantoul but in Champaigne and the surrounding towns. 
Our Branch is definitely small. I have never been to a branch before. I am actually speaking next sunday and saying closing prayer in sacrament meeting. It is kind of amazing to me how these members dedicate so much time and effort into keeping this branch up and running. The church is definitely true. Even in a little Branch way out in the middle of the corn fields of Illinois. Literally out in the middle of a corn field. I love the Branch. The members are really great and keep up busy. They love us and watch out for us.
My new companion is Sister Sims and she is from Las Vegas! What are the chances right? You are going to Las Vegas and I got a companion from Las Vegas! She is a convert to the church. She is really fun! 
I have not got the Valentines Card yet. I will probably get it tomorrow because we are having interviews with the Mission President tomorrow.
I want you to know that I am safe and happy! Don't research too much about Rantoul. The Lord blesses and watches over His missionaries! 
My companion also told me that Elder David A. Bednar's son is in the Stake presidency of our stake and on Christmas the Elders of his ward had christmas dinner at his house and Elder Bednar was there! They had Christmas dinner with Elder Bednar!! I thought that was pretty cool. 
Have a great week! Love you!
The Elders and Sister Gadi who I served with in Webster Groves

My new branch build in the middle of a cold dead corn field :) haha! 

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