Monday, January 26, 2015


Loving the pictures :) And that is quite the story. Haha. Put a smile on my face though. This week went by really fast except nothing really stood out. Just a lot of tender mercies. We are being blessed all the time. I just need to remember to look for them. 
Drew is not baptized... yet. And he wont be baptized on the 31st. The Elders taught him a few lessons and Drew still wants to meet with us but he wants to meet with the Elders more too. He also is also really struggling with Joseph Smith and his testimony of the restoration. He didn't go to church yesterday but the Sunday before he got a priesthood blessing. The past week has been stressful because we have just been getting updates from the Elders of how the lessons are going and what he needs. But we have definitely given him calls and been dropping by to get updates from him and to see how he's doing and making sure he is staying busy. Tuesday we will have a lesson with him and set a solid date and set goals and really try to be instruments in Gods hands. I totally feel like I am walking with faith with this one. 
Daniel and Carolyn are doing great though! They are getting baptized on Feb. 22nd and are really progressing! They are starting to see the blessings of the Gospel and it is cool to hear them bear there testimonies of that :) we have been bringing members to there lessons too and it has really helped them progress. Carolyn shared at sunday school that one day Daniel was really struggling one day and she told him to not let go of God and he will help and then the next day we knocked on there door. I love how they are recognizing God in there life. 
Also, Tim, who got baptized last month got the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and plans to go to the temple this thursday! He is doing great! I am so excited for him!! 
But ya! That is my week! I also have to give a training tomorrow at district meeting and it will be my very first training! I am excited but I don't want to do it haha. At Zone Conference our district leader gave us a commitment to pray for charity and when he followed up with us and asked if we did it I was honest and said that I did not. So when he asked me to give a training on love and charity and how that relates to working with members. So I told him, "It's because I didn't pray for charity isn't it!" I told him I learned my lesson. haha It was funny. I love my district. We always have so much fun. We work hard though. I promise :) 
Have a great week all! 
Sister Fisher 

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