Monday, November 3, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

NOOOOOO! You must put movie quotes up please!!! Mother! Please! It would be so cool! (Britt's response to Alysa's suggestion that we don't put movie quotes on the walls in the new movie room)

     My week was pretty good! We have also been doing a lot of finding and tracting and that resulted in a new investigator! Her name is Samantha and she is super cool. She lives by herself and is trying to get a job. And while we were talking to her in her home, someone called and asked to set up an interview with her which is super awesome! I hope she gets the job! She seems really interested in our church and even said that she would get baptized! We didn't even have to ask her, she brought it up herself! She couldn't come to church this Sunday because she was visiting her grandma but hopefully she will come next Sunday! Next Sunday is the Primary Presentation so we are trying to get ALL our investigators to come to that! Also we contacted a potential named Rob. He is younger and has a little family and seems pretty promising so we are going to shoot him a text this week to meet up with him. Also we just had an investigator get baptized this Sunday! It was super cool! It was the guy I told you about who stopped drinking and smoking! He was very excited about his baptism and I think he is awesome :) 
Seriously The Lord is preparing people everywhere to hear his gospel! Don't give up Brandon! They will come! Have faith, be obedient and God will put someone in your path! These are the Latter-Days! Where the gospel will flood the earth! That goes for people at home too! Have your heart and mind prepared to share the gospel and God will trust you with one of  his precious children. I want to hear about your missionary experiences at home! 
   Anyways the weather it pretty nice here. It hasn't snowed yet. They say they don't get snow here until the end of November/beginning of December. But it is slowly getting colder. The leaves are changing color and there are a lot of trees here so leaves are everywhere! It is a good service project though. But today the sun is shining, a little bit windy but it is beautiful out!
     My ward is the Webster Groves ward and we meet at 9am. There are a lot of young families in our ward and a lot of really good people! Also they are all really willing to fellowship new investigators! That really helps with missionary work! When the investigator has a friend,an assignment, and a testimony, that is what keeps them strong in the gospel. There are a lot of St. Louis Cardinal fans around here. There are also some family's from Alberta! There is the Broadheads from Cardston and the Wrights. I haven't been at there house for dinner yet but they said that they would have us over and talk about Canada and what not. I have heard of the name Broadhead before. I think there was some girl in my YSA ward that had the name of Broadhead. And do you think I am related to the Wrights? haha 
   Our Mission Ward leader is pretty cool. He is pretty young and he works for the St. Louis Rams Football team. He might be like one of the assistants to the coach. I am not exactly sure what he is. But we give an update text to him every night of what we did during the day. He is always very aware of who our investigators are and who we are seeing. Almost every Sunday we have a mission coordination meeting with him and discuss about the people we see and there needs and what we can do to give the investigators fellow-shippers. He helps gives ideas and organizes things and takes turns teaching the gospel principles class.
    My companion is pretty sweet. Sister Hayden is very loving and works very hard. She has been struggling a little bit this week though. She is really hard on herself and her stressing out is stressing me out a little bit. But I am trying to stay positive and up lift her and tell her that she is an awesome trainer! She has only been out for 6 months and is already training! So I believe God has a lot of trust and faith in her. And so do I :) I just hope I am not a burden on her. I am trying really hard to get better so I can help her as much as possible. 
   Halloween was great! I got your Halloween card last Monday too after I wrote you so thank you and I love and miss all of you! We had to have our cars parked at our apartments at 5pm. Then we could do what ever we want really. We could go anywhere in our area as long as we had a member drive us. But we were not aloud to dress up and we were not aloud to go tracting of course haha. 
Me and my companion stayed at our apartment and carved pumpkins! We carved pumpkins, ate pizza and listened to Mo tab :) It was a good night! One thing that I thought was interesting was in St. Louis the kids apparently tell a joke before the people at the door give them candy. Sister Hayden's pumpkin is the Washington temple and mine is a scary face :) 

All is well over here in St Louis :) I love you and pray for you every day. And I would love to hear from Justin! 
And stay warm! "...When all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall." Helaman 5:12 haha ;) 

Tim's Baptism!! (He is the guy in the middle) And then all the Sister missionaries that helped him in his conversion process and then The guy in the purple tie is a member from the ward who baptized Tim! 

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