Monday, October 27, 2014

Nearer My God To Thee

The basement looks fantastic! I am so excited for you to start putting up the movie quotes. And I second what Brandon said! Kill something so you can send me jerky! I din't get a Halloween card... But I got something in the mail from Tanis! It was a big piece of paper with someones body traced on it with their arms stretched out. On their shirt it said, "Do Hugs not drugs." It was weird so I hung it up on the wall in my room. Thank you Fort Macleod Young Women! Thank you for sharing what you learned at priesthood meeting. That is so true! The Holy Ghost is definitely the teacher! We are just instruments in this marvelous work! And that is a reminder I need every day! 
I had a good week this week. After I emailed you guys I went bowling with the other sisters in my zone. a couple of them had birthdays so we were celebrating with them! And then after that we had a cottage meeting. I never heard of one before but I like the idea. A member in a ward hosts family home evening at their home and then missionaries invite recent converts, less actives and investigators to it. It was fun. 
Another highlight this week is we got to visit a member in our ward who is suffering from cancer. She is a really nice lady and was having a really hard day when we saw her so I am glad we got to visit. Me and my companion decided to sing her the hymn "Nearer my God to thee". It was so beautiful and the spirit was so powerful! She was so grateful and so was her husband. That really opened my eyes to what it truly means to serve. To do work in behalf of the Lord and be his angels. She told us that we couldn't have come on a better day. It was truly the Lord working through us, inspiring us to meet her. It was so cool! 
I got to crochet again this week with a less active. She taught us how to make scarfs this time so know you will be a peace to know that I will stay warm this winter haha. Our district decided to crochet a blanket together and give it to the mission home so that is what we will be doing during lunch after our district meetings!
Also one of our investigators ,Tim, just had his baptismal interview last saturday so he will be getting baptized next sunday!! (Nov. 2) We are so excited for him! Today is day 12 for not smoking! and we are so proud of him! It's so cool how the gospel changes peoples lives! It really does bless people! Another investigator named Drew came to church for the first time last sunday! He really enjoyed it! He is really getting a long with one of the members in the ward. member are a huge help in missionary work when they help fellowship! 
I also saw President Morgan and his wife this sunday! He is my mission president. It was a pleasant surprise to see them! They are honestly like celebrities to me. For some reason I find it weird that they know so much about me. But they are fantastic and very loving. I am well looked after I can promise you that. 
Well I also learned something this week, believe it or not. I have known this before but It really came clear to me this week. I learned the importance of exercising your faith. I read this talk that was given by Tad R. Callister and he gave it in the MTC in 2008. But it was about becoming a consecrated missionary. Putting every thing on the sacrificial alter (Like fears, home, romance, pride, everything..) and giving everything you have to serving a mission. A section that really stuck out to me in that talk was putting our fears on the sacrificial alter. It can be scary and awkward to talk to people especially about religion and I have let many opportunities to share the gospel pass by because I was afraid to open my mouth. But then I read this...
"The reason it is so important to open mouths is that every time we do so we exercise faith, and every time we exercise faith we invite the spirit and miracles into our lives. Consecrated missionaries open their mouth with everyone."
I love that so much because it is so true! We can pray for faith and say we have faith, but unless we exercise that faith miracles happen! The spirit works through us! Miracles happen after the trial of our faith! And that is not just for missionary work! That is for everything in our lives! He will strengthen testimonies and let us know if the church is true if we exercise our faith and pray to him or study our scriptures. He will help us over come trials if we exercise our faith and rely on the enabling power of the atonement. We can do anything! Faith is so powerful! Powerful enough to move mountains! If we put our trust in God, He will not forsake us. I can testify of that!
Family, have a fantastic week and never forget that God loves ya! :) 
Sister Fisher

My new investigator haha ;)

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