Monday, November 10, 2014

The Grand Jury

 I am so glad that you are putting up movie quotes around the new movie room! Take lots of pictures! And Yes I got the drivers abstract and I printed it off and mailed it to the mission home so thank you! 

It is funny that you should say that me and my companion look like sisters. The missionaries in this mission seem to always say that our mission president likes to put missionaries together that look alike. I feel like me and my companion think a lot alike too. She is great :) 

I really like the quote from Brigham Young that you sent me on how Heavenly Father qualifies us for the work. And my cool spiritual experience kinda goes along with that! 
Like Elder Fisher I also had exchanges this week and it was my turn to stay in my area with the STL (Sister Training Leader).  
We had a lesson planned with one of our progressing investigators and his name is Drew. Drew is a deep thinker. We asked him to be baptized before but he wants to think it out and know for sure that this church is true. Which is awesome! So I was a really nervous for this lesson. My STL (Sister Huppi) doesn't know this guy so I had to take control of the lesson.I didn't want to mess up because this guy is so close to baptism. He really gets along with the Webbs who are members in our ward so we have the lessons at there home. 
Fast Sunday was this last Sunday so I fasted and prayed that this lesson (which was on tuesday) would go well and that I wouldn't make a complete fool of myself. I wanted to share something that would be of worth to him. I did everything I could to study and prepare for the lesson with the time I had. 
Tuesday came along and we had the lesson. We text Drew everyday to remind him to read his scriptures and so we were asking him how that was going and he said not good. He tries to consume so much information at one time and he is getting frustrated with his studies. He also tries to take notes while studying which is awesome but he says he has a hard time knowing what to right down. We told him that he is completely normal and that things take time. Understanding the Gospel and understanding the scriptures take time. We talked about the Sabbath day and the importance of attending church and keeping that day holy. He told us he thinks that keeping a day holy is pretty much impossible. With the friends he has and the world that we live in it is impossible. He takes too much on himself. We told him,"Drew, The Lord will be patient with you, you need to be patient with yourself." People make mistakes but that is why we go to church is to renew our convents and just do our best to become better. 
Later in the lesson Sister Huppi told him about the story of the father who brought his son who was over come by demons and was having sezures to the Savior and asked Jesus Christ if he would save him. The Savior asked the Father if he believed if He could heal him. And the father replied, "Lord I believe, Help thou mine unbelief." The spirit was so strong! Drew was even tearing up! Ahh! And then Sister Huppi asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and he said yes!! We are going to set a date the next time we see him! (Tuesday) This guy is seriously so awesome! He even stayed after the lesson to do some family history with the Webbs! And he came to church again on Sunday
I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father because I know that he hears and answers prayers! He knew I was nervous for that lesson but I felt his love through the whole thing! When we got out of that lesson I started crying because I was so happy and grateful! Sister Huppi is so amazing! I learned so much from her that day!
Like you said, Satan tries to make you believe that you can't do it. That you are not smart enough or not qualified enough. He tries to make you doubt and have that unbelief. He makes you fear. But if we have faith and exercise that faith by being obedient and living our religion, the Lord will bless us. I can testify to that. I have a quote on my wall by Quinton L Cook and it says, "We should live life by faith not by fear." Miracles happen when we exercise our faith and believe! How much power is given to us when we just believe! God loves us so much! The church is so true!
Elder Fisher, I don't know if you have tried this but, in the beginning of the planner book it gives finding ideas and one of them is to ask everyone for referrals. Try asking investigators or people on the street for referrals. Ask them if they know anyone who just moved in. Or who just had a loved one pass away. Or ask if they know anyone who just had a baby. Or who is struggling and is in need of a spiritual message. People who are not members of the church have a lot more friends who are not members than members do. haha Also Elder, what is your mailing address? and how long do you think you will be in your area? I got your post card!! That made me happy :) 
Dad could you also give me the Grandparents mailing address?? Please and thank you! 

Also Family, I don't know if you are aware of this but this is what the mission president sent all the missionaries in the mission. 
Dear Missionaries,

In the coming days or weeks the Grand Jury is expected to announce it's verdict in the shooting case of Micheal Brown that incited all the riots in St. Louis two months ago. This has the potential to become a very volatile situation that could get way out of hand and become very dangerous. If it does, DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR ANY PROTESTS OR DEMONSTRATIONS, stay far away and do not get involved in any way. Don't go close to take pictures or see what is going on. For your own safety just stay away. If you feel any danger stay in your apartment and call me. The ward members will be a big help if need be. I am sending this notice to the whole mission in the event some of you who are not currently in St. Louis are transfered here next week. Hopefully things stay calm and orderly but there are those who will want to make an issue out of what ever decision comes.

Keep your self safe,

President Morgan

We were going to go to down town St. Louis today and got to Paint Louis (There is a wall you can paint/Graffiti on!) and maybe the Arch but for now I think we will stay clear of the main city and stay in the suburb of St. Louis. I am sure there is no need for you guys to worry but I thought I would make you aware. One thing I do know is the Lord watches over his missionaries. 
I love you very much! And I pray for you all daily! 
Love Sister Fisher

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