Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween

Hey guys! 
Hope you all had a happy Halloween! This week was a little slow but we had a great Halloween! We had a chilly cook off and a trunk or treat at the Fulton ward and it was really fun and lots of people came out! Halloween felt like any other day but it was cool because it was really foggy looking out. Sorta spooky. I can't wait until I can actually celebrate this holiday again! On Halloween night we went to a members home who weren't very enthusiastic about Halloween, never really celebrated it and it made me sad because I know how much I love it because of how much mom got into it. So thank you for the pictures! 
I seem to ponder a lot about my experiences and what exactly God is trying to teach me. One thing I do know is nothing ever goes how I expect it. And sometimes I don't feel like telling you guys anything because I feel like the very next week I am like,"Never mind!! That didn't happen! That didn't go according to plan! I actually have no idea what I am talking about!" 
But it is all cool... You always hear that if you are the only one who comes home converted then that is all that matters. I didn't realize how not converted I was until I came out on a mission. I have also realized that I complain a lot. People like to lay out all there problems on the missionaries and I just sit there and think... What am I suppose to do? I know nothing. I grew up with literally no problems. I had it easy!... A lot of people get hurt in this world and a lot of the time it is because of the agency of others. 
Agency is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I want to get rid of it. I look at people and my investigators who had just kept making poor poor choices in there life and just think, "it doesn't have to be that hard!! you can make good choices and be happy! Follow Jesus Christ and His teachings!" But does anyone listen to me? No. 
Jesus Christ said "Come Follow me" He didn't force people, He lovingly invited. And that is what we do as missionaries. We invite others to come unto Christ. And in Fulton I have really had to learn to find joy in doing the little things. I have had to learn to love others even though they make bad choices. It is hard but it is possible! 
"All things can be made right through the atonement of Jesus Christ!" (Plan of salvation lesson in PMG)
Well enough with my ranting! here are some pictures!

 And we found a turtle! Must be one of the last ones of the season! :)
And our car got a little dirty on those gravel roads! President Morgan always gets at us missionaries for not having clean cars. We went to the car wash right after this haha 

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