Monday, November 16, 2015

138 day Countdown

We had a great week! We had exchanges and my MTC companion, Sister Madsen is my STL so I got to go on exchanges with her!!! It was so cool to be her companion again and to see how much we have grown since the beginning of our missions :) We decided that we wanted to do the D&C count down together. 138 days before you go home, you start reading one section of the Doctrine and covenants every day starting from Section 138 all the way down to section 1. The count down starts on Mom and Dads Wedding Anniversary! November 18th and then the last day will be April 3rd. The day before I come home. You can do it with us too if you like 😋 138 days.. crazy (We want to welcome all to do the countdown if you like. Members and non-members alike. If you dont have a D&C then ask Me or Alysa and we can get you one)
We also met a less active this week for the first time and she is someone who got baptized and never really came back but we invited her to church and she told us to call her on Saturday to remind her. when we called her on Saturday she said okay I will set my alarm! And then Sunday morning she came! She really liked it too! 
We are also doing the stop smoking workshop with our investigator, Michael. I don't know if Brandon had this in his mission but it is a really great 7 day workshop where the investigator does 15 things each day to help themselves get rid of the "bells" or things that "trigger" the desire for a cigarette. He is doing great. He came to church a half hour early and was reading the book of mormon in his car. He is participating in Sunday school classes and praying! This part of conversion is really exciting! It is like watching a baby take there first steps haha We keep daily contact with him and he is doing great.  It is interesting to see the difference with him and our other investigator, Phillip.
Phillip does not read the Book of Mormon, comes to church once in a while and when he does he has a hard time staying awake and is doubting modern prophets and priesthood authority. I don't know how many times we can tell him to read the Book of Mormon or explain to him the simple principles of the Gospel but it is just not sticking with him. I feel like he just meets with us because he is "converted to the missionaries". When Moroni exhorts us in Moroni 10:4 to ask God "with real intent if the book is not true" he promises that God will tell us by the power of the Holy Ghost. I don't think Phillip has that real intent to know if this is the one true church yet.
But it is interesting to see the contrast between the two investigators. How one is anxiously engaged in the little commitments and is willing to do them on his own while the other I feel like we are dragging him along. 
It gives me a testimony on how powerful the Book of Mormon is in conversion. We are praying for Phillip in hopes that the Lord can touch his heart.
So much happened this week I just don't have enough time to type it all! But I love you and I am so grateful to be a missionary serving the people in Missouri! ✌

PS I got the fish jerky!! Yum yum! I was telling one of the less actives about it and she wanted to try it with me so we did :) 
PPS We met Santa! He came to Fulton! So of course we had to share the gospel with him!! 

I am so excited for Christmas and the new initiative that is coming out! Last years was called "He is the Gift". This year it is called "A Savior is Born". The video will come out November 29th!! SoSO excited!! 😰
PPPS I found this in my studies and really liked it. Romans 12:21Be not overcome of evilbut overcome evil with good.

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