Monday, May 4, 2015

Nasty Bruises

Hey Family!! 
This week was a blast!
Quintin L. Cook is so cool! It was a great mission conference last Saturday! He gave great advice on mission work and stayin motivated! I went up to him, looked him in the eyes and shook his hand! He has a really lumpy head in real life! He looks a lot older in real life too! It was really cool. There was no exciting announcements for the mission. Elder Cook just wanted to see us just because. Friday night we drove to springfield IL and stayed over night there and then drove to St. Louis the next day. I MISS St. Louis!!!!! I want to serve in the city again. But I love the branch in Rantoul. The people are so great here :) Also I am staying another transfer in Rantoul with Sister Dunn!! 
Also with Sister Clarks book... I was with a member and we looked online and she can actually buy the book on Amazon. Except the cheapest copy is used and it is $89.99. Copies that are not used are over $100. Champaigne has a family history center and members were telling me that they could probably give me more info on the book. family history center times are really dumb. they are open wednesday and thursday from 7pm till 9pm and friday from 9am-noon. I didn't have a chance to call them last week but I can call them this week and see if they can help me out with this book and see if I can find a cheaper one because you guys only gave me $50. Sorry it is taking so long to get this book but remember I am serving in a bunch of country towns so not a lot of legit book stores are around. I will keep asking members to help out though.
I have heard nothing about iPads for our mission. No iPads for us :( sounds like every mission around me is getting them but us! I still have faith though!
Here is a good story. I was at district meeting last week and I was in a dark hallway and I was going to sit down on some chairs but I didn't realize that there was not chair in between two chairs so I fell and I whacked my arms on the arm rest of the two other chairs and now I have two big nasty bruises on my arms. They are getting worse. Haha it was funny but it was embarrassing. luckily not a lot of people were around.

Ryan also got baptized this saturday!!!!! I love this kid! He is 9 years old and his family was inactive. His mom said that Ryan has been asking to be baptized since he was 7. They were waiting for his dad to baptize him but his dad can't stop smoking. So finally his mom didn't want to wait any more. Our Branch President told us that we needed to call her and set up a time to teach Ryan. so we did and started teaching right away! Ryan was so good and learned everything so fast! The baptism was so good! Ryan's mom was crying and ryan had the biggest smile on his face when he came out of the water! The next sunday was fast sunday and a lot of people testified about ryan's baptism and how awesome it was. Ryan's mom and his sister went up and bore there testimonies too! It was cool to see ryan baptized but I loved so much more to see this bring his family back to church and strengthen there testimonies! A prime example of how the gospel blesses families!!! :) 

Have a great week! I will see you all on sunday!!
PS It will be later in the afternoon at like 5 or so. I will call you. 

 Good bye for now St. Louis :( 
Squad reunited!!! I love these people!

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