Monday, April 27, 2015

Storm Season

This week was really good. We had exchanges and were really blessed with lots of lessons with people. Ryan's baptism is this weekend so we have been busy getting ready for that. he is doing great and just absorbing the info that we give him.
I stayed in Rantoul for exchanges and we found three new investigators! We were walking down the street and found this crazy black guy and his girlfriend. He was so funny and fun to talk to. We had our first lesson with him and we tried to teach the restoration but he talked a lot and had really crazy views of the bible and God. He tried to act like he knew the bible well but he was so off! haha He was messing up the stories and making things up! Anyways. A story for another time. Hopefully we can clear things up for him and get him more open minded.
And then we found a young mother who's first language is Spanish. she was so sweet. we taught her the plan of salvation and the next time we teach her we are going to bring a member with us who speaks Spanish! I am so excited!
We have been working a lot recently with Less active and we had a wonderful surprise on Sunday! A young mother and her two boys who are less active came to church! I was so happy to see them! Hopefully they will come more.
Also! Things that are coming up is this Saturday we will be having a mission conference and Elder Quinton L Cook will talk to the mission and also Elder Ulisses Soares from the Presidency of the quorum of the 70 and Elder Gary E Smithson who is in the presiding Bishopbric! So I am excited to hear from them :)
We are not becoming a I Pad mission though :( Not yet at least....
The Pictures are of Tyren who is one of our investigators little boys. He wanted to be a missionary and wear my tag haha 
and Me and my comp soaking wet from the rain! It is definitely storm season here.

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