Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A New Friend

This week was pretty good. We were busy and we had lots of tender mercies and funny moments haha.
We had a lesson with and investigator named Betsy. This is and old lady who I mentioned in my last email about the Plan of Salvation lesson. This was the second time that we have seen her. We got talking and I told her that during our church service, members of the church are asked to give talks instead of having a paid preacher. and she says, "Oh like the mormon church." I said with a big smile, "Ya that's us! We are Mormons!" And the look she gave me was priceless haha I just started laughing and was like, "Betsy! We are from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints!! That is the Mormon church!" It was so funny. I think she has a bad memory or something. I love her though.
I also taught someone who had no idea what a mormon was! They are still out there!! Hopefully we can teach them more.
Also an investigator we have we used to just teach her and her family little spiritual thoughts from the bible because she didn't want to take the lessons but last Monday we asked her if she would take the lessons and she said yes! We will teach her the restoration tonight and we want to invite her to baptism and I hope she says yes soooooo baaaaaaad!!! so that was a little miracle.
And then we were in Fisher trying to contact some people labeled as "less active" and we would tract around there houses. It was 8pm, that last awkward hour of the day but some people also like to call it the miracle hour. Anyways we knock on this one house and this lady answers the door she probably in her 30s and she has kind of a serious look on her face and said, "yes?" We did our little sch-peel and said that we shared messages centered on Jesus Christ. I asked her is she was very religious herself, and she said another solid, "Yes." And I was like, "Okay cool can we share our card with you?" Not thinking that she was that interested to hear about what we had to say. and she was like, "Ya hold on one second" She goes upstairs and get her three girls and brings them
down and invites us in to share our message with them. I was thinking whaaat!! okay Sweet!! They were actually a really cool family! And her girls love God! It was crazy. 
Another day we were contacting more less actives because there are soooo many in this Branch. And the lady answers the door and she seems pretty nice we are talking to her a little bit and we try to set up another time to see her and she is like, "I don't plan on coming back so I will just be a waste of your time." And I said, "Well we could just come and be your friend!" And she said, "Well we can all use a friend. You can come back next Saturday." And in my mind I was like whoa I did not think that would work haha! So ya we made a new friend the other day! haha 
Anyways, those were the highlights. I am reminded every day of how much I love being a missionary! And how beautiful the "music" the gospel gives! And I am an instrument in God's hands, sharing the music with anyone who is willing to hear. 
I hope you all have a friend! Or at least a friend in Jesus! Get yo praise on! 
Have a great week! 
Sister Fisher
Me and my Comp

What Illinois looks like 

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