Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Off to see the arches

This week has been crazy. Really hard And really exciting! Our investigators are really challenging and I don't know how to help them. It is amazing how people view life and what they have been through. And how much I really don't know. I am young and I haven't experienced much about life. I have lived in a small town in Southern Alberta my whole life. What do I know? I just know that there is a God and He is so loving. And I know that I have a Savior who is Jesus Christ. And because of that I know everything will be okay. I just got to remind myself that God knows His children so well and I am just God's instrument to help them. It isn't much that I know but I guess it is enough. I have been thinking about that a lot. Faith in Jesus Christ and the enabling power of the Atonement is something I have never really trusted on in my life until now. And it is something that I need to exercise and remind myself that He is on my right and on my left, with me constantly lifting me up. 
I definitely understand the term pooped. But somehow I am still going and happy and full of energy! And I could not have done this with out my Savior. I don't really understand it but somehow because of Him I can do this.Thank you for your emails. I miss you guys! I can't believe Tianny is leaving on Wednesday! I feel like she just got her call last week! I also will be sure to send you a short video for grandpa's birthday next monday :) I am so excited for today because I am finally going to the St. Louis Arch! It will be great and I will send you some pictures! 
I hope you guys have a week of ease and happiness this week! Big smiles and keep your chins up! 
Lots of love!
Sister Fisher

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