Wednesday, January 21, 2015

St. Louis Arch

HEY! Yesterday was Martin Luther King day and apparently they close a lot of things that day so we got permission to go on the computers today! This week to be honest was kinda awful. We had a hard time setting up appointments with people. Like honestly. It is like people have other things to do or something. Too busy to hear the valuable message we have to share... haha. Also Drew had his baptismal interview this week. It was okay but we have to move his date back to the 31st instead of having it on the 24th. He is struggling with some commandments that he opened up to our district leader about. I felt awful. It was the worst news ever but I know we can prepare him for the 31st. He really does want to be baptized and change his life.
Daniel and Carolyn who I found tracting in my first transfer, we set a baptism date with them for Feb. 22nd. I also found out that Daniel is really good and singing and playing the guitar. I knew he played but I didn't think he was good haha Which is awful of me to say but he didn't really look like someone who could sing. And his voice when he talks just didn't sound like he could sing but I guess you learn new things every day. He was really good and he share with us a gospel song that he wrote. it was really good. He has grown a lot since we have been first meeting with him. They have just been happier and they have been really seeing the blessings from reading the Book of Mormon regularly and exercising there faith in Jesus Christ. 
On Sunday I couldn't keep anything down. It was only a 24hr bug that I caught though. I was fine the next day. 
I went to the St.Louis arch last monday! That was cool. I even sent you guys a cool post card that I got there! You need to tell me when you get it! :) 
But to get to the top of the arch you ride in these tiny pods and then you look out tiny windows to see out. It was a great view. 
My ward is pretty great. there are a lot of great families and they really look out for us. I really like the Arellanos. Brother Arellano makes fantastic tacos and they are so much fun! I always laugh when I am there. 
You asked how the people of Missouri treat the Mormons right now. No mobs have run us out of Missouri yet. For the most part the people are really nice here! And for the most part, people know who Mormons are. But we have met people who have never heard of Mormons which is crazy to me. I have never had anyone really yell at me yet. Which is a bonus. 

The pods we rode up in and the Mississippi River.

Have a great week! Love you!

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