Monday, December 1, 2014

Stuffed on Thanksgiving

Hey guys! It is so good to hear from you! Thank you so much for the addresses! It doesn't snow barely at all in Missouri but we sure had a thick coat of ice on our windshield this morning. The weather is weird here. It felt really humid yesterday and then it all froze this morning. which makes icy roads so we are always asked to drive carefully. 

Speaking of weather I am reading the book Our Heritage which is a brief history of the church and I was reading about the Mormon people being driven out and travelling to Illinois and settle in Nauvoo. I am talking about the time when Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail and he was hearing about the suffering of the people. Some of the people didn't even have shoes and they would leave foot prints of blood on the frozen ground. That was around the beginning of December. It is December right now! Those early members of the church had to experience the weather I am experiencing right now except they had close to nothing! They walked through this area I am serving in! It is pretty cold here! It doesn't get a lot of snow but it sure gets cold! It made me better understand what pioneers really had to go through. 

That is enough Christmas stories that you sent me so thank you!

The Michael Brown Case. All I know about that is the verdict came out like Tuesday of this past week and the verdict was that the officer wasn't indicted. Which caused a lot of rioting and crazy people acting out. I don't really know if things have calmed down yet. I don't watch the news haha. But For this past week, Missionaries in my area and in the areas in and around St.Louis are not allowed to go tracting after dark. We are only allowed to go out after dark if we have an appointment in a members home. It kind of sucks but it keeps us safe. I haven't seen anything crazy yet but I guess that is a good thing haha And this rule is still in affect until the Zone leaders tell us other wise. 

Have you seen the new Christmas video that the church put out called "He is the Gift"?? It is what we are sharing with people this Christmas! Last week we got a email telling us about it and ideas of how we can share the gift. In the December Ensign it comes with a little booklet talking about this "initiative" and gives you the same cards that us missionaries hand out! Check out the video on! AND on December 7th this Christmas video will be taking over Youtube! It will be the only advertisement on the Youtube home page. I think that is so exciting!! haha SO make sure you check it out and share the gift with others! In mom"s email she was talking about how Christmas shouldn't be all about presents and wrapping paper and flashy lights. It's about the love of Jesus Christ. The greatest gift that God could give us. For God so loved the world that he gave his Only Begotten Son! Being together as a family and remembering what the season is really all about. It all started with a little baby in a manger! Ahh! I love it! It is so exciting! I love Christmas! I am actually really excited for Christmas this year! I get to hang out with cool members in my ward and share an awesome message with people! People always love to talk about Christmas! Being a missionary at Christmas is actually pretty awesome :) What do you think about the initiative Elder Fisher? Do you have to hand out 10 Cards a day too? 

Yes I love it when you send pictures with your new lens! Keep sending pictures! and Congrats on the deer that you shot this year Justin! 

Update on Drew: We finally set a baptism date with him!! He will be getting baptized on December 28th and we will now be seeing him twice a week! Ahh! We just have to keep his motivation up and strengthen his testimony! I know we can get him ready by then!
Also we have a new investigator! His last name is Kruger!! How awesome is that!? So in my Emails I will call him Mr. Kruger. (As in Mr. Krugers Christmas haha) Mr. Kruger is a Former investigator who is a single man dude who is I am guessing in his early 30s. We knocked on his door last week and set up an appointment with him. He told us he was going to have a lot of hard questions for us. haha We accepted the challenge. Then this week we taught him the restoration and answered all his questions. His questions were nothing we haven't heard before. He says he has trouble trusting people so believing that someone is a prophet is hard for him. We shared with him a scripture in Matthew 7 teach us how we know who is a false prophet and by their fruits ye shall know them. We told him that the Book of Mormon is the fruits of Joseph Smith labors. And if he reads it and asks God with real intent if it is true, he will know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I then asked him, "When you know for yourself that the church is true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority?" And Mr. Kruger said yes!! haha That was the first REAL person I asked to be baptized! It was cool. I should have set a date with him but I forgot. But we will see how his next lesson goes.
We had American Thanksgiving this week so I ate a lot. We were not allowed to proselyte on Thanksgiving so we went to a members home for a breakfast buffet and then hung out with some other sister missionaries and then went to another members home and ate dinner and played games. It was fun! We also had an appointment Thanksgiving evening with one of our investigators that is getting baptized on December 27th. The day before Drew! He had his date set before I got here. So ya! It was a great week :)  
You know what is weird? We were talking with this one guy on the street outside of his house and he was telling us how we don't know our temples very well. He told us that on the top of every temple there is a seagull on a gold ball. We were trying to be polite as we were correcting him that he was confusing a seagull with the angel Moroni haha Are there seagulls on any of the temples?? I don't know but he did not think that angel Moroni was on the temple. He was very positive that it was a seagull. Too bad we didn't have a picture to show him.  
People are weird but I love them all! that is what makes a mission fun is all the crazy, amazing people we get to meet! 
I will try and tell you more about the people I meet in more of my emails haha 
Love you all and pray for you every day!
Sister Fisher

Haha this is what is in my apartment on the wall :) 

Thanksgiving with the ST. Louis Hills sisters

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