Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Glenn Beck

I am loving the pictures that you sent to me. We like Elder Fisher also had a slow week. But we definitely had some miracles! As we go tracting we leave cards at the door if they don't answer the door. Well we got a phone call from this random lady thanking us for leaving a card and said that she ordered a Joy to the World DVD and she is so excited to get it! She was the sweetest lady ever! haha And I think we will be the ones delivering it to her! we also met this one Muslim guy and he was not interested so we asked him if he knew anyone who would like to hear our message and he referred us to a catholic guy that lives a couple houses down. The catholic guy was not really interested but we were talking about the Book of Mormon and asked if he would like a copy and he told us, "You know what? I will take it, only because I love Glenn Beck." Hahaha! I was killing myself when he said that! Way to go Glenn Beck! Helping us out with missionary work! 
But like Elder Fisher, people keep telling us to come back after the Holidays. So we are thinking of making cookies and dropping them off at houses and just serving a lot! And of course constantly trying to find new people to teach! We couldn't meet with drew this week and Mr. Kruger is not replying to us. He answered his phone earlier this week and he just got his tooth pulled. But I haven't heard from him since. We are still expecting Tim to get baptized on the 27th and he is still super excited for that! I am so excited for him! 

And CHRISTMAS IS IN 10 DAYS! So I need to know when you can Skype! I am Skyping at a members home in my ward and they said that we could come over at anytime and skype and they are gonna feed us too. I don't know how early Elder Fisher is Skyping. Maybe we could skype at the same time?? My companion wants to skype with her brother at the same time too but her brother is right next door in Iowa. Not in England. But if not that is cool. I just want to see my beautiful parents!! And Justin! And who ever else is coming over to party! 

I got packages from both grandparents and I got a package from you too dad! But I haven't opened anything yet. not even your package brandon so don't tempt me!! Elder fisher I am going to send you a small package and when you open it I want to see a picture with you and your companion in it! haha :) 

Have a fantastic week and have lots of fun with basketball, christmas parties and stuff :)

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