Monday, October 6, 2014

A Long Day Tomorrow

Another week at the MTC has gone and I can't believe how fast it has gone! I will be leaving for St. Louis Missouri Tomorrow morning at 4:35am so it will be a long day Tomorrow! But first let me tell you about my week! 

On wednesday and Friday mornings we do service assignment and clean bathrooms and what not in different buildings at6:15am! That is all I got to say about that. It is good for us I guess. 

So this week we finished off teaching Shawn (Our teacher as an investigator) and we got him to commit to baptism!! haha I don't know if he was going easy on us but it was so exciting! Our last day we taught him was on Friday and I feel like I really improved since the first day we taught him. On our last day of teaching shawn, Brother Gigena (Our teacher) talked to us and evaluated on how we were doing and he told me that sometimes I ask questions on top of questions making the question more complicated.For example I might ask, How does this make you feel? How do you think God shows his love for you? And so on and so on. I needed to be more direct with my questions. So having this in mind I went into our last lesson. We were teaching about faith. I shared James 1:5-6 and I gave an analogy of a our lives being a boat and how winds and waves of trials and temptation might try and tip our boat and blow it away but if we have a strong faith as our anchor that we won't be blown away and off the path of righteousness and enduring to the end and what not. So then after that I asked shawn, "Shawn, How do you think you can strengthen your faith?" Brother Gigena then smiled at me and said, "That is a very good question!" It made me feel so good! It made me believe that I can actually do this!! But there has also been times where role playing has not ended up so good. I was role playing with this one Elder and he was suppose to be an investigator who wanted to back out of being baptized and I was suppose to regain his courage to get baptized. And when I asked him to be baptized again he was suppose to say no. His issue was that he had a hard time repenting and that he didn't think he could overcome temptations and he was afraid that he would just continue sinning and not be ready for his baptismal date. I remembered a scripture mastery talking about how God won't give us any temptation that we can't bare but I couldn't remember where it was! That discussion just ended really bad and I couldn't think of anything to tell him but keep on trying! Don't give up! You can do it! But that didn't convince him. The scripture I was looking for is in 1 Corinthians 10:13. Now in my spare time I like to study my scripture masteries. Not memorize them but just know where to find them because they are VERY useful in lessons! So Justin, learn your scripture masteries WHILE you are in seminary!!

Thursday was field Orientation day and it was like a 7 hour workshop preparing us for the field! haha It was awesome! It helped me better understand what to do when I get out to the mission field. They had a funny play that we got to watch to show us what it would be like to work with members. I laughed out loud. It was hilarious!

We also got a new investigator this week named Kitty! I don't know if she is actually a member or not but her story is that she came to go to school at BYU and she is from China. And she knows nothing about God. we were planning on teacher her the first lesson but we stayed on the topic of God the whole time! She was really confused and had a hard time accepting the concept of God. Her background religion is Buddhist. I really enjoyed teaching her though because that was the first time I ever talked to someone who didn't know anything about God! We committed her to come to church next sunday so that was nice! We really connected with her. My companion is really good at playing the piano so we even got to sing a hymn to her! It was cool! She was the sweetest little Asian I have ever met!! I will miss her!

Conference was awesome. It was cool to watch it in the MTC because they cancel everything and your schedule is just conference sessions! It was funny because on Saturday when Henry B. Eyring announced that Elder Uchtdorf was speaking next, everyone in the Gym was like, "Yes!" haha It was funny :) I also really like how a lot of general authorities gave there talk in their native tongue! That was really cool and I hope they continue doing that. My favorite conference talk was on Saturday by Jorg something or other of the 70. haha He talked about how we could strengthen our spiritual confidence and I felt like I could really connect with that talk. 
Anyways Gotta go! Love you all and pray for you every day! Lots of love! 

Sister Fisher
This is me and My companions in front of the Provo temple!
Sister Adams, Sister Madsen and me!

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