Monday, July 13, 2015

Half Way Mark

Hello Family!
It has been another busy week! We had exchanges this week and I stayed in Fulton with Sister Gadi!! Who was my companion in Webster Groves! It was good to be her companion again for a day. I love that girl! And then on Saturday the stake ask me and my companion and some return elder missionaries to go to youth conference and be part of a panel thing where the youth got to ask us a bunch of questions about missionary work. It was actually really fun! Our room was one of the more popular classes! haha
We are teaching this guy who has no legs and he is so weird and funny. His voicemail on his phone goes like this, "Greeting earthlings! You've reached Phillip! I am probably on another galaxy ride right now but if you leave your name and a brief message I will gladly get back to you! Peace, love and no bugs! Bye!" 
Yep these are the kind of people I am working with :) haha jk I love it! It makes my life more interesting.
I am so excited because I am going to the St.Louis temple this week because I hit my half way mark! It will be great :) 
Well hope you have a great week! 

Peace love and no bugs! 
Love ya'll! 
Sister Fisher!

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