Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July

Hello Family! 
I just got off the phone with the vehicle coordinator and you can now be at peace. They have a copy of my drivers license. I should be getting my license at my Fulton address any day now. Also I only want one loonie and one toonie sent to me. that is good enough for me. 
This week was a pretty good week. We had zone conference on thursday and I got dragged into singing America the Beautiful with two other missionaries. Of course they make the canadian sing it haha But it was a good conference.
another highlight was we picked up a new investigator! And he is a paraplegic! he met some missionaries at a nursing home in Columbia and they taught him the restoration and he really liked the message. He lives in Fulton so the missionaries referred him to us and we saw him the next day! We taught him a little bit and we invited him to church! He was going to ride his wheel chair all the way to church but we got him a ride and he came! and enjoyed it! I can't wait to baptized him! I have always wanted to teach a guy in a wheel chair! it has always been a weird desire of mine. 
I didn't do anything for Canada day but the 4th of july was pretty fun! We were told to proselyte until 5pm and then we got the rest of the day off. some members had us over for dinner and then we saw the fireworks in Fulton. 
We also got to see some cool cridders!
Don't show grandma this picture!! this is nagini (Like the snakes name in harry potter) 

And we also saw a snapping turtle on the road!!!! don't worry I didn't touch it!

Anyways! have fun with mom not being around! thanks for being awesome and have a great week! 
Love you!! 
Sister Fisher

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