Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MTC is Awsome

Hi mommy and Daddy!! This is just a quick email to say that I arrived safely to the MTC yesterday right in time for lunch. 

I just got to say that the MTC is AWESOME!!! I love it soooo much it is sooo amazing!! Just the classes and the people and everything is awesome!! 

And also yesterday we had a Tuesday evening devotional and the main speaker was Elder M. Russell Ballard of the 12 Apostles!! My first day and I got to hear an apostle speak!! and I sat in the third row! I could see every detail of his face!! Haha And this morning I got to go through the Provo temple with my companion!! The provo temple is beautiful!!! 
Some people say that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth but that is not true. The MTC is the happiest place on earth!! 
Well I got to go! I have so much more to say!! But you will have to wait till monday!! 
I love you so much. 
Sister Fisher :)

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